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Dear RIM, What Happened to BlackBerry Protect?

Protect BlackBerry

BlackBerry Protect is a project that I cannot wait for RIM to release. It has been a long time coming and is a backup solution that practically EVERY consumer and small business BlackBerry owner will appreciate. We first heard wind of it as BlackBerry Shield almost a year ago and since then RIM has confirmed its existence in both a private and now a bit more public beta in the Beta Zone. We reviewed BlackBerry protect back in July when RIM gave us early access to the solution.

There are millions of BlackBerry users out there who could really use BlackBerry Protect. I am hoping that RIM will release it very soon since it will be a huge step forward for them. We were hearing rumors back in January that Protect would be launching very soon but here we are in January still waiting. We even spotted the public FAQ for BlackBerry Protect so hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Anybody else hoping that RIM will finally get around to rolling out BlackBerry Protect?

Just as a reminder last time we checked the feature list for BlackBerry Protect includes the ability to remotely:

  • Locate your BlackBerry on a map
  • Activate a loud ringer
  • Device lock
  • Password change
  • Lost and Found screen
  • Remote wipe both device and microSD card
  • OTA backup of PIM data, bookmarks and text messages
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  1. This would be awesome for all those without Smrtguard. Luckily I got in on the lifetime half price deal back last year. So after another 6 months or so I will break even! I still would like to try protect and compare the two.

  2. Yes I remember reading that it was just about to be released, and then a few months passed. It definitely is a feature that many would like. I wonder if they’re still finding bugs in the implementation.

    Turning on the ringer to find your lost phone around the house would be great for the absent minded like myself 🙂

  3. I forgot all about this! I was actually looking forward to this when I read your writeup a while back. I can’t wait to hear a reply to see what is happening with this. Thanks for writing and reminding me. Lol

    Happy Thursday BerryReview!!

  4. I was really looking forward to this. Leave it to RIM to disappoint.

  5. Is this going to be free

  6. After playbook is out…..

  7. I forgot about this too! I really hope they don’t “forget” about it.

  8. I hope they do finally release it. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I do hope it’s free when it finally comes out. I like the idea that I can wipe my phone if I lose it – or preferably find it if it hasn’t fallen into other hands.

  9. My thoughts exactly, Dear RIM, how about filling us in??

    We aren’t the only ones wondering either…in BetaZone, this is a post 17+ pages long of people asking about the Beta version, my guess is they release the beta…to about 5 people!!

  10. From MichaelD BetaZone Mod – “It is currently supported on BlackBerry Torch 9800, Bold 9780 and Style 9670. Rest assured, there are plans for support across all BlackBerry 6 smartphones.” some people on os 5 got in on the testing as well..SMH

  11. Must be something big holding it back from being released. The fact that it’s being withheld from even betazone members speaks to something wrong. Hopefully the kinks are worked out soon.

    • Something big like say…Playbook compatibility? Don’t know but maybe it occurred to them that it would be valuable on the playbook as well and the reason we’re not seeing it is they’re updating it work on both. Would be cool…

  12. Please just release it.

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