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BlackBerry CDMA Smartphone 2011 Roadmap Leaked with Four New Devices!


We have more or less heard about the devices that will be coming in 2011 from GSM carriers but things have been much quieter on the CDMA side. I know this has been leaving many CDMA users wary since the latest device is still the Bold 9650. Courtesy of the CrackBerry team we now have a clear picture of what RIM has in store for us in 2011 for CDMA carriers and I have to say it is a real doozy. The lineup includes the Monaco, Sedona, Montana, and even a totally new Curve Touch called the Malibu!

Just as a simple explanation the BlackBerry Bold Touch Montana is the CDMA version of the Dakota. The new curve Sedona is the CDMA version of the Apollo. The Monaco Touch is a refresh of the Storm line. Last of all we have a totally new Curve Touch which is a whole new beast. The slide deck confirms that the CDMA devices will be using Qualcomm processors ranging from 800Mhz to 1.2Ghz which is sweet. Other things I spotted was mention of a new OS 6.1 “Lite” version which is interesting and the Bold Touch Montana makes mention of running as a mobile hotspot on both 2.4 AND 5Ghz channels.

blackberry-roadmap-2011-8 blackberry-roadmap-2011-2 blackberry-roadmap-2011-3 blackberry-roadmap-2011-4 blackberry-roadmap-2011-5 blackberry-roadmap-2011-6 blackberry-roadmap-2011-7

Let us know if you spot anything else juicy!

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  1. If these are CDMA timelines, I’m hoping for GSM Bold Touch in Q2 2011. That would be amazing.

    I still can’t get over how great this phone looks. All forged metal frame? Thinnest Berry? I WANT.

    All the OS6.1 stuff sounds great. That “Liquid Graphics” part looks promising, if it can speed up the UI, in addition to the huge bump in speed to 1.2GHZ.. It’s gonna be awesome, and dulls the pain of waiting for a QNX smartphone.

  2. Why Playbook in Q2? I thought was always Q1?

  3. Does anyone know what RX Diversity means or what Receive Diversity means?

    • Found this:

      “Receive (RX) diversity and advanced receiver technologies are used in mobile radios in both 3GPPUMTS and GERAN. Their job is to increase downlink performance in terms of capacity and coverage.”

      Sounds like it utilizes different radio technologies to get the best downlink (receive) performance.

      • Thanks barrist. Do you think that they will be able to browse the web while on a call?

      • I’m so excited about these phones!!! Its just the news that I’ve been waiting for. RIM has stepped it up in a big way.

        • Me too. I just hope the roadmap for GSM is earlier than the CDMA one.

          One thing I don’t quite get is why the 9330 is shown in Q1 2011 when it’s already been released in 2010? That would mean that this was an old presentation. So I’m not sure if we can take the release periods as fact yet.

          • Remember these are done in RIM’s fiscal year quarters. Their Q2 begins March 1, 2011 so I am guessing Q1 started Dec 1, 2010. That keeps things on track. But it also means the Playbook (wifi version) is coming out NEXT MONTH!!!!!

            • Good call.. that makes sense.

              With reports of them manufacturing about 150,000-200,000 playbooks a month, I’m guessing there’ll be limited quantities available at launch if they do launch next month.

  4. ugh…. Storm 3 look disappointing… that is an ugly refresh… i would rather keep my storm 2 and captivate.

    • Ugly? I actually think it looks quite nice. In comparison to the Captivate, which looks kind of plain to me.

      • lol, i hear ya there, but it realy reminds me of the Storm 2 though, thats y i got it…. but the storm 3 has more a toy look to me, and the trackpad doesnt help, i love the trackpad, i prefer it to the track ball, but i dont think ib belongs on a storm… but thats my opinion

        • Fair enough, I agree the trackpad kind of clutters up the front of it.. they could streamline it a bit more. But it looks very thin, I’m glad RIM is moving towards thinner handsets

          • thin isn’t bad, but i have more faith and preference for heavier handsets, i even was thinking of replacing my old psp, but i’m considering the 1000 just because of the premium feel over the later generations….

  5. Since the Montana will be the CDMA version of the Dakota I may have a reason to go back CDMA. Around here the cheapest carrier is Cellular South with their $79.99/month unlimited talk, text, web, email and second one for $39.99 on same account. I was a happy customer for 9 years until I got fed up with all the good blackberries being only GSM so I switched to AT&T and their horrible customer service. This is a great reason to go back. Although getting my wife off her iPhone will be a major undertaking. That and dealing with the “you can talk OR surf… choose one” part of CDMA networks. So no surfing the net on the Playbook tethered to my BB while on the phone.

  6. A Curve without a physical keyboard isn’t a Curve if you ask me. The Curve line is known for its keyboard. It’s what I like most about my 8900. I’d love to see a new Curve with the standard Curve keyboard and a touchscreen display. Still, it’s good to see that they are coming out with some decent improvements. They really need to step it up to remain competitive. QNX based phones will probably be competitive, but they need to keep from losing too much ground until they come out.

    • I agree with you on the Curve (There should be a touch/qwerty keyboard combo). The Curve series has been one of the most profitable for RIMM, yet until recently, they have been shortchanging it on features. Good to see there changing that.

    • SO TRUE.. that was my exact thought.
      and even though blackberry have lower performing processors in their phones, they still had great usability and performance. its exciting to see what the improvements would shuttle blackberry’s standards.

  7. Wow this is great stuff. I really like where RIM is heading. The QNX acquisition was the best move they’ve made in a VERY long time.

  8. The only thing that sucks about these phones is that they aren’t going to get the QNX OS cuz none of them have the dual core processors that Mike L. said is required.

  9. Looks liek we have a lot to look forward to in 2011 🙂

  10. And the news keeps getting better!!!

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