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BlackBerry 6.1 Evolution Gets Detailed in Leaked Slides


If this is any indication of what RIM has in store for us in 2011 color me impressed. In a slew of slides that Kevin @CrackBerry scored we see some impressive details on the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.1 that will be shipping on the next line of BlackBerry devices. There is the stuff we already know about like Mobile Hotspot and OpenGL features but then there is a whole slew more. Each feature is something huge in and of itself so check out the deck for yourself below:

blackberry-roadmap-2011-19  blackberry-roadmap-2011-10 blackberry-roadmap-2011-11 blackberry-roadmap-2011-12 blackberry-roadmap-2011-13 blackberry-roadmap-2011-14 blackberry-roadmap-2011-15  blackberry-roadmap-2011-17 blackberry-roadmap-2011-18

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  1. Hey if those are the official names, I called it with my prediction of “Bold Touch”!

    Interesting about the Curve Touch too

    My focus is on that Bold Touch though..


    Voice activated Universal search on OS6.1!!

    If this is CDMA, i expect the Bold Touch to be in Q2

  2. *I like that the virtual keyboard is easily dismissible. (something I never before realized was missing, but now really want)

    *I wonder if the HTML video codecs in question include WebM in addition to H.264

    *Voice recognition in Universal Search is real nice…

  3. This is all so exciting. I have been waiting for the Bold Touch to come into fruition and its finally here.

  4. What devices will be able to run 6.1 – all those that can run 6?

  5. I’m so looking forward for this OS.

  6. OS the current touch going to be able to run 6.1?

    • Not clear yet. I think it will in at least some form. All the stuff like customizable homescreen, better virtual keyboard, etc can all be done. Probably won’t support things like the mobile hotspot though.

  7. Exciting times ahead for BB lovers like me!
    I’m still sporting my trusty 9700, currently testing a hybrid OS on .448 base. It is stuffed with a bunch of 6.1 .cods. The native browser is wickedly fast. People say it’s faster than iPhone. I can’t confirm that since I’ve never been even remotely interested in Apple products. However, it is very impressive considering that I’m running this on such an outdated hardware.

  8. Looks like they have some nice improvements lined up. I wonder if any existing devices will be capable of running 6.1 or if it will only run on the new phones that will come out later this year.

  9. And now the hardware can match the software.

  10. The only sad thing is that we never get an official OS update in Belgium. 🙁
    This looks geart and is a huge diff with the OS5 I am using.

    • Who says that you should wait for an official update. There are leaked versions readily available, I’m lead to believe.

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