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RIM Finally Shows PlayBook in Portrait Orientation

BlackBerry Calendar Kobo PlayBook

As far as I have seen RIM has been pretty quiet about the portrait orientation on the BlackBerry PlayBook. In case you don’t know portrait orientation is when you hold the PlayBook sideways like a traditional book or a Kindle. RIM has been saying that portrait mode will be available on the PlayBook and switch quickly but it has been disabled in all of the video demos I have seen to date. I am not sure if this portrait mode has been shown by RIM before but this is the first I have seen of it. Let me know if I am wrong!

A friend pointed out to me that at some point in time RIM has updated the BlackBerry PlayBook landing page with two new renders that show the PlayBook in portrait mode. I think the week view of the calendar looks hot and definitely is reminiscent of BlackBerry OS 6.0. The second of Kobo does not really show much new since it is a 3rd party app. Still its nice to get an idea of how it will look. Hopefully it transitions between the modes seamlessly with its dual core processor.

Check out the BlackBerry PlayBook landing page for some new screen renders of the device!

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  1. LOL. The landing page has reviewed quotes from CrackBerry. No more comment. Ha!

  2. Looks sweet. Hope the transition from one orientation to the other is smooth. Anyone else think they shouldn’t have had the “Blackberry” branding on the bottom at all? It looks kind of odd when in portrait mode. I would have just stuck with the Blackberry Icon.

    • Probably no more of an oddity than having the iPad home button on the bottom and not the sides. I think they are wanting it to be more landscape than portrait. Especially for thumb typing.

      • the iPad button isn’t as weird to me when it’s in landscape. seeing the words “Blackberry” written sideways is what is kind of weird to me.. The Blackberry logo would have been better imo

  3. From the BlackBerry PlayBook UI Guidelines…

    “The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet has a landscape-oriented display.”

    Which to me reads that while there is a portrait mode, landscape is really preferred…

  4. Portrait mode is as important to me as landscape mode. I am sure the Playbook will have both.

  5. I seem to recall a video of a live demo of Mike Laziridus (CEO RIM) showing him using the Playbook and it transiting from landscape to portrait and back. This was in December. I have a tablet computer and definitely use it in both orientations. One thing that I would hope for is the ability to lock it in one orientation or the other, in using a Torch I note that it easily slips into the other orientation when you happen to tilt it a little too far, a pain when reading eBooks. One thing I also notice is that the Torch is only 270 degrees of orientation, that is, whichever direction you turn it, it does not reorient from landscape to portrait when the keypad is turned to the top. It stays in the previous landscape mode.
    So yes, the PB will be capable of both orientations – and I will gladly make use of it to look at full-page website views and then zooming in for the areas of interest.
    Can’t wait for the launch!

  6. I’m really looking forward to seeing the on-screen keyboard in action while in portrait mode. This is one of the biggest selling points for me, as typing should be a natural progression from a BB due to the size of the device. I should be able to hold it in portrait mode like a traditional BB and thumb-type easily…none of that ackward one-handed typing while holding the tablet in the other hand…like the ahem…iPad.

  7. The keyboard is what I’m really looking forward to seeing. The BlackBerry phone keyboards are the best around and the PlayBook should give me a similar experience. I wonder if they will use a swype keyboard like some of the Android tablets and phones.

    • I believe Swype must be licensed to each phone maker.. I’m not sure if RIM would pursue it. I remember when I had an Android, there were other similar keyboard replacements that were free, so I’m hoping there are thirdparty offerings for the Playbook when its out.

  8. I just want one.

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