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What Happened to Kodak’s BlackBerry Printing App?


I never really understood RIM’s relationship with Kodak. They had Kodak showing off their wireless printing app and printer at RIM’s booth at CES back in January of 2010 just days before they slapped RIM and Apple with a patent infringement lawsuit. That BlackBerry printing app was supposed to ship in March with the ESP Office 6150 AiO printer with wireless printing. The printer finally came out in June but the BlackBerry printing app was still “Coming Soon.”

Now a little over a year later I noticed that Kodak did release a iPhone and iPod Touch printing app but all mention of the BlackBerry app is gone from the product description. The press release still mentions it on Kodak’s website but thats about it.

Anybody sad that Kodak is not releasing their BlackBerry app? Maybe now that they lost the initial determination by the ITC they will bring it back? Weirder things have happened but it looks like suing RIM for patent infringement is not conducive to a business relationship… 🙂 Makes me wonder who cut this off.

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  1. lol, as i noted in the other Kodak post, their shares have gone down 11% since the ruling dismissing their lawsuit against Apple and RIM. I’m guessing their relationship is a bit frosty right now

  2. That’s interesting. I’m assuming this app only worked with kodak’s printers (?). Maybe it’s because they don’t have a huge market? HP would sound like a better bet. Perhaps they are holding out for a relationship with them and that’s why kodak’s got upset? Afterall, it is all about money.

    I’m interested to see where it goes. I probably wouldn’t have ever downloaded the app myself. Blackberry should role out their own eprint app so it works with more than one wireless printer. Just a thought, I suppose.

  3. I think they probably dumped it aside after their pride was lost

  4. Whatever happened to Kodak? Is the more general question.

    I currently live in Rochester and know a lot of people who have worked at Kodak and even worked for a little while at a company that was spun off from Kodak.

    There is a lot of craziness that has gone on, and I am doubtful that Kodak is ever going to get things back together…

  5. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. This same thing happened with CoPilot Live before the iPhone had really gained traction. There was actually a demo app out there and then poof! It was gone with no more heard from them on the subject.

    One would think that there are more than enough BB users out there for a company to develop apps for. I think it comes down to simple greed; they try to back the horse that will bring them the most money the quickest. It’s a shame, really.

  6. Too bad. I would have grabbed this app. I’m surprised Kodak printers aren’t more popular. Ink is incredibly cheap ($10 black, $15 color) and they work great. There is also excellent customer support. I had the printhead replaced completely free 2 years out of warranty.

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