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RBC Claims RIM Could Sell 6+ Million PlayBooks in 12 Months


You have to love analysts. They get to make predictions on the future and (almost) never have to be held accountable for the results. The latest prediction on BlackBerry PlayBook sales comes from RBC Capital Markets (via Financial Post) which has been pretty nice to RIM as Barrist pointed out in the forums. According to RBC RIM could ship upwards of 6 million PlayBooks in the first calendar year after launch. That is a pretty high number considering DigiTimes was saying that RIM plans on shipping 1 million of them in Q1 of 2011 which is almost half way over…

RBC’s numbers are from a survey of 1,133 customers after CES with 6% claiming they will “Likely” buy the PlayBook. The analyst, Mike Abramsky, claims that 4 million of those devices will sell in 2011. The other interesting thing that Abramsky noted was that 37% of respondents considered the tethering bridge to BlackBerrys to be “important” whatever that means. 🙂 He claims the PlayBook will have an average selling price of $450 with 30% of it being gross margins leading up to $1.8 billion in revenue for RIM.

All in all pretty promising but a survey of a thousand people at a gadget show might not exactly be indicative of the whole world. What do you think? Here is my prediction. RIM will sell 10 million PlayBooks in the 12 months after launch. See I am a natural? I got that number by pulling it out of a hat and then performing “Magic” guessing calculations on it.

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  1. Yeah as positive as this sounds, we all have to take projections by analysts with a grain of salt.

    I have been thinking of what would be considered a success for the Playbook. I really don’t think its numbers sold necessarily.

    One of RIM’s biggest achievements was making the “Blackberry” a household name. It’s easily recognizable. Everyone knows what a Blackberry is. If they could transfer that to the Tablet world, they’ll stay in the game and even steal some of Apple’s thunder. They won’t usurp Apple’s position I don’t think (unless the iPad 2 TOTALLY flops), but if the common question people ask themselves in 2011 is, “So, should I get the Apple or Blackberry Tablet?” then I think RIM has come out a winner. No other platform (WinPho7, Android included) has the name recognition of Apple and Blackberry. RIM needs to hang onto that.

    Unfortunately that name recognition has also been a hindrance recently, as Blackberries have gotten a reputation of being outdated and underperforming. Hopefully the Playbook can turn it around.

  2. It would be great for RIM to sell that many. I’m gonna buy one when I get a chance.

  3. It could be true, why not

    But, so many, makes it so common..:(

    On the side note, how many sets have been preordered by corporations?

  4. One more reason to take these analysts with a grain of salt. I’ll put on my conspiracy theorist hat 🙂

    The CFO of RBC sits on RIM’s Board Of Directors. RBC and RIM founded the Blackberry Partners Fund.

    So they may be a bit biased towards one of their investments, lol.

  5. I wonder if that’s possible.

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