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PlayBook to Have 4,000 Apps at Launch and Longer Battery Life than iPad

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RIM is slowly letting more and more details out about the PlayBook which is set to launch sometime later this quarter. Reuters got RIM’s Jeff McDowell, senior vice-president for business and platform marketing, to rebuff analysts battery life concerns. According to McDowell "It’s going to be equal or greater than the iPad with smaller battery size." They also let out that RIM plans on having about 4,000 third party PlayBook apps available at launch which is impressive. It took RIM months to get that many in App World.

The other interesting thing McDowell mentioned was confirming that the new BlackBerry Balance work/personal separation program should be available in North America within 2 months. Supposedly carriers are testing it now and it will be released soon. It will be kind of cool to see that become a reality since RIM could make some real headway if they got early adopters to push for newer BlackBerrys like the upcoming rumored devices.

PS: Check out the picture above that I took of the PlayBook at CES. Notice the 1092 hours and 15 minutes before it is fully charged… 🙂 As RIM said they still had a ways to go with power management.

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  1. 4000 apps is an impressive number. I can’t wait to be able to play with it (no pun intended). Hopefully I get some more insight on the Dakota/Bold, soon.

  2. lol 1100 hours to charge.. looks like it needs some tweaking.

  3. Maybe that analyst wants to revise his statement now?

  4. 4000 aps is crazy! I guess the motivation of a free playbook paid off. And they extended it u til March? I wish I knew how to build one. I’m a total adobe® Air® fan. My newest favorite is tweetdeck. Has anyone tried that yet? Anyway, it is missing some key features but it’s awesome. 🙂

  5. The battery… is too impressive

  6. All it takes is one look in App World to see that RIM’s definition of “App” is pretty broad.

    They claim that there are over 10,000 apps on app world, yet I have less than 10 on my blackberry and they pretty much suck compared to my android tab / ipod touch devices. On those, I currently have and use over 50-75 apps and they are much higher quality.

    Color me skeptical.

    • I’m sure I could look in iTunes and find that their definition of “App” is pretty broad too.

      • true… but they have hundreds of thousands of them… You can’t be implying that the blackberry app portfolio is in any way comparable to the itunes or android market.

        Don’t get me wrong… i’m hoping the new OS will actually enable decent levels of app functionality at long long last.

        • I know this doesn’t apply to you but I have don’t have an apple device or an android device, so whatever those app stores have mean nothing to me. I could care less. Here’s the problem with mainstream tech media: I don’t go looking through the iTunes store to see if AppWorld has the same app and at the same price. I don’t know if this is a great example but when I’m looking at new wheels for my BMW, I don’t go compare all 10,000 types of wheels out there, I look at the wheels that fit a BMW. Why bother looking at Audi, VW, Mercedez, etc? That’s why I really don’t pay much attention to mainstream tech media. I’m a blackberry user.

          Your post seemed to be on 2 different tangents. Just because you have more apps on your Apple & Android and they are higher quality IYO, it’s a weak comparison since they are 3 different “catalogues” of 3 different sizes. If each platform had 10k apps total and you had 10 good BB apps, 75 good apple apps and 75 good android apps, then that would be a valid comparison. We know that’s not the case though (far more apple apps than BB). Also, just because you have more quality apps on android/apple doesn’t mean that there aren’t lame apps on those platforms too.

          • 10 quality apps/10,000 =<1%
            75 quality apps/100,000 =<1%

            Says 2 things to me:
            1) # of apps is overrated, show me someone who uses even 1% of the apps out there, on any platform

            2) 90,000 more apps on Apple and and you only got an additional 65 "quality" apps…tells me that 99% of the apps out there are overlooked, useless, poor quality etc. On any platform.

  7. I think a large number of those come from the free Playbook offer. Based on the requirements of the offer, we shouldn’t see much in the line of flashlight and memory boosters. Hopefully it will be a lot of actually useful apps. I don’t care how many apps an App Store has. How many are actually useful? That is what is really important. If only there was a way to measure that.

    • The whole talk is nonsense if you ask me. Is it 4,000 or is it 4,050. Like I’m actually going to look through 10,000 apps that AppWorld has or 100k that iTunes has…yeah, ok. It’s need based for me and that is it. If I have a need for a password manager, I’ll look at the password managers. The closest I get to trying out new apps is when BR reviews something. Don’t forget that unless free, apps cost money, even if only .99.

  8. As long as the battery can hold up for a good chunk of the day I’ll be content with the Playbook.

  9. The 1092 hours and 15 minutes isn’t surprising… that’s just 65535 minutes. (2 to the 16th less one… also known as -1, which is what an incomplete API would probably be reporting)

  10. I think we’ll start to see digital magazine subscriptions take off and the continued decline of the newspaper. There are sites out there, Zinio for one, that turn deliver magazines in digital form.

  11. Can’t wait to have this baby in my lap… Playbook rockon!!!!! RIM rockon!!!!!

  12. Hopefully the facebook app will be much better than what i’ve seen on any mobile device.

    • I agree, I’m not really impressed with the Facebook app but won’t we be able to just access facebook through the internet browser? Why use an app if you don’t need to…

  13. that sounds awesome…

  14. i can’t wait to put my hands on the PB and play with a lot of apps on it…

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