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Kodak Loses First Patent Battle Against RIM? Will it Still Win the War?

kodak-patentKodak really has it out for RIM and Apple. In January of last year they filed a ITC complaint against RIM and Apple on a patent for previewing images. Seriously the patent is for “a method for previewing images.” According to Reuters the ITC issued an initial determination judging against Kodak and saying their claim was invalid.

Kodak still thinks that the full ITC decision expected on May 23rd will go in their favor but it doesn’t look good. On top of that Kodak also has RIM and Apple in Federal court in both Texas and New York. You only have to wonder why Kodak’s BlackBerry printing app really is not taking off

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  1. Well.. they are going downhill..

  2. Lawsuits in this industry seem to be the norm I guess…

    Apple sued HTC, HTC sued them back.. Same with Nokia, Apple suing them, Nokia suing Apple. RIM suing KIK…

    the list goes on..

  3. They should just drop it.

  4. I think this is kodak’s sign of desperation. I haven’t purchased anything kodak’s (that I can recall) since I owned a film camera. Lol

    Anyway, Happy Tuesday to all! My favorite day! 🙂

  5. Lol, who knew what a huge blow this could be to Kodak

    Their shares have fallen more than 10% after the ruling.

  6. They are still upset because they were sleeping behind the wheel when the digital camera revolution took off.

    • Yup. They totally missed the market shift to digital. All they have left for a business model now is to become a patent troll.

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