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BlackBerry PlayBook in Yahoo Finance “Top 5 Gadgets Worth the Wait”

PlayBook Top 5

RIM just got another plug in the latest Yahoo Finance video of “Top 5 Gadgets Worth the Wait.” The video is just showing renderings of the device instead of the device itself but it seems like RIM will be neck in neck with the iPad 2 this year. The iPad 2 also made it into the top 5 along with the Google Chrome Laptop, Nintendo 3DS, and the Chevy Volt 2.0. The thing RIM needs to keep in mind is that they need to price the BlackBerry PlayBook competitively since Apple supposedly has an iPad 2 up their sleeve with a much lower price point which could be why RIM has yet to officially set the PlayBook price…

My advice to RIM. Sell the PlayBook at cost. Get as many of them out the door at the most competitive price possible! Anybody for a $300-$400 PlayBook? Thanks Barrist for the tip!

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  1. I would love to see some great competitive pricing from RIM….getting a 64GB version versus a 16GB would be a huge bonus for me!

  2. If they start the price point around $300-$400 that would be a huge plus over the existing tablets on the market today. Although most cynics will say “because it is a 7″ tablet and not a 10″ is how RIM can sell it so cheap”. I don’t really care, I just want one NOW! 😉

    • $300 is a bit optimistic I think. If I was being conservative, I’d say it would start at $499 more realistically.

      The Galaxy Tab came out at $600 didn’t it? Sure, that was with 3G, but still.

    • No, people will say the reason it is sold so cheap is because you have to have a damn blackberry tethered to it for internet usage.

      • Well actually you can get Internet usage through wifi 🙂

        But I know what you mean, and RIM has already confirmed that a software update will be made available for native PIM apps.

  3. Sounds great to me! I simply can’t wait. I hope this bounces RIM back into the playing field so they can get remotivated with their smartphone line.

    I personally can do without having 7 different devices ranging in price and guts but look practically the same. That’s just me, tho 🙂

    • How many Iphones does Apple allow you have to choose from? ONLY 1!!! But of course here you are complaining that RIM’s phones seem to all look alike in terms of form factor. I’m shocked that some people (you among them) still don’t understand RIM’s concept in phone design. The phones were built for business communication, not consumption of rich media content. If RIM started out with an Iphone type of touch device they never would have taken over the corporate market. Blackberrys have a proven form factor that can’t be equaled by any other phone. This is why Iphone has never caught on as a corporate phone (and never will).

  4. I agree. Get the thing out as cheap as possible and give people a reason to really get the device.

  5. Wow is this incredible. RIM has been completely ignored for years and now the PlayBook is getting them so much attention. I agree though, it will be worth the wait for sure.

  6. I thought this was pretty obvious 😀

    Tad playbook is gReat!

  7. RIM does need to be a bit careful how they price they PlayBook. Sure, the specs do seem to blow the doors off the current tablets, but at this point they will be competing with the iPad2. If Apple prices it right, people will still flock to it even if the specs aren’t as good. RIM needs to put out a superior product at a competitive price to get non-Blackberry users to take notice. Everything I’ve seen so far suggests they have the superior product. They just need to work on that competitive price.

  8. I would say price it between 399-499.. Not too cheap not to pricy

  9. Cheap or not the playbook is definitely worth the wait. I haven’t seen the thing in person but from what I’ve read, it looks durable, classy, and impressively fast.
    The only thing I would add is BBM integrated with the front facing camera 🙂

  10. I think Apple fans will still buy the Ipad2 even though it falls short of being a truly portable tablet that you can take anywhere to replace your netbook or laptop. Apple fans tend to really believe that Apple products are superior to everything else on the market. Even if RIM prices hundreds below the Ipad2, those fools will still buy the Ipad2 and then flaunt it as if it were the best thing since sliced bread. Although you will rarely see it in public because it will be left at home right beside the original over priced Ipad they bought and next to the several iterations of Iphone and Ipods. Wow, thousands of dollars later and they still don’t have much to show for it. lol

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