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Will Flash Make it Into BlackBerry OS 6.1?


Flash on BlackBerry devices has been an enigma that RIM has yet to truly explain. It has been almost a year and a half now since Jim Balsillie promised that Flash is making its way onto BlackBerry smartphones. While the BlackBerry Tablet OS based on QNX for the PlayBook includes Flash we have yet to hear a peep on when/if it will ever hit the smartphones.

Now that we know the next BlackBerry smartphone OS is v6.1 this makes me wonder if 6.1 will finally bring Flash support for BlackBerrys. While I am currently on the fence on how well Flash will work on already underpowered BlackBerrys but maybe these processor refreshes coming with OS 6.1 devices will do the trick. On the other hand RIM has been touting WebWorks as the only way to develop cross platform apps for both the PlayBook and BlackBerry Smartphones. If Flash were to come out for BlackBerry smartphones then we would have yet another cross platform app solution for both devices.

All in all it could lead to some interesting developments in 2011. I am not looking for current desktop Flash websites to work but I think bringing Flash video along with another development environment to the smartphones allows for more expansion in the app marketplace.

What do you think? Will OS 6.1 mark the coming of Flash? Will it ever be released?

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  1. One would hope. The new phones with 800+mhz cpus should be okay running flash content, but what about current phones?

    I have a feeling there would be some angry bb owners if flash is new phones only

  2. I want flash on my Torch!

  3. I hope they bring Flash. I agree with you completely.

  4. I think that all phones that are able to upgrade to 6.1, including the blackberry torch will have flash.

  5. I don’t think so

  6. I would love flash on my bold 9700!

    • Dude your BB9700 is already underpowered for os6

      • Actually, os6 runs fine on the 9700.. Its the same exact processor as the 9780 and 9800!

        Just shrink out some of the bloat and it runs amazing. I’ve put my install vs a 9780 and a 9800 with full os installs and my kills them

        Glad to see uneducated posts

        • Its a memory issue though I think. Can you visit a full site like engadget without the browser saying your device has too little memory?

          I never could with any hybrid I tried. So I also don’t think your 9700 will run flash.

      • @randomly I have to agree that the now OLD 9700 has no problems running OS6, I’ve yet to have a random reboot (common on OS5)

  7. If only. I hope it’s true but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Impressive! I guess the OS releases have gotten better since I last tried. I would be able to get to the site occasionally, but would eventually run out of memory.

      Flash still may be pushing it though.

  8. i would love flash. blogs i read constantly offer clips i cannot watch.

  9. Partial implementation is possible on 6.1. I believe RIM will only FULLY implement flash when QNX is released for smartphones.

    • Yeah I think it would be really cool if it actually came this year. They have been promising flash for awhile but never followed through. Could be they just gave up and moved it to the PlayBook…

  10. If it doesn’t them I may be pushed over the edge.

  11. I want flash!! I love my BB.. but they are slipping behind other manufacturers!!

  12. are you guys really serious… really thhink that FLASH will make it into older recent devices…..keep on dreaming fellas…..maybe newer device coming out later this year..but not recent today device…..HAHAHA

  13. Whilst Flash would be nice, its going to have a fair impact on battery life too.

  14. I have a BBT (Blackberry Torch), and my phone runs flash. You need to download a programs on your computer that converts the flash .exe file to .alx. At that same time it is converting, it shrinks the file down to BB size, then you are able to run the installation progress on your phone. After you install, you will be given a message stating, “invalid operation” and a whole bunch of letters and symbols. (sort of like when your text messages crashes and you try to go back into it) In order to bypass this, you will need to download a file called Blash from your BB browser. After opening up Blash, it will ask if you want to run flash, click yes, and voila…you can now run flash on your BB!!! The program Blash runs flash within that program, tricking the BB into beleving it is running one program, when it actually is running two.
    Hope this helps,

    • Ryan, can you explain where exactly you find the Blash program? Also is the Flash.exe the regular PC installation file for the flash player? or what is it?
      Also where do you find a converter from exe to alx?
      Thank you

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