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Dear Developers – I Want BBM Based Multiplayer Games…

IMG_2363For YEARS I have been waiting for RIM to make it easier for developers to create multiplayer games for BlackBerry. I have always wanted to be able to click on a contact in BBM and be able to start playing a multiplayer game. For example, imagine being able to select a BBM friend to start playing a multiplayer chess or even a tic-tac-toe game. These should be pretty easy to program because the communications between the devices could be like any game of chess played by announcing the moves by the place on the board.

While there have been very few notable multiplayer games over the years many of them are not optimized for push notifications and all use different systems. For example if you have ever played WordRival or Texas Hold’Em you know exactly what I mean.

I think that the new BBM Social Platform coming out in beta during Q1 will finally allow for such games. The API page clearly states that the platform will allow for:

  • Streaming data between applications – Stream data between users of your applications for real-time use cases such as communication, gaming and location tracking

Wouldn’t that be cool? I can see uses for it beyond just games but I have always wanted to be able to do this properly… What is the app you want to see take advantage of the upcoming BBM Social Platform SDK?

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  1. Hear, Hear! BBM is the killer niche on a BB and it deserves extension.

  2. If games begin to evolve on the Blackberry, then I could see things such as “Trophies” (ps3) or “Achievements” (360) be implemented with this new platform.

    So your high scores, etc could be shown in your BBM profile.

  3. I agree, gaming needs. Big boost on BBs. Let’s see what happens!

  4. Chess would be an awesome game to begin with. RIM needs to get on this now.

  5. This would be really cool.

  6. The funny thing is the concept isn’t new. They’re just expanding on the idea. My first app/game was Mancala Multiplayer. It initially worked over BBM but somewhere the APIs went missing in BBM 5.

    I’m happy to see that they’re revamping it though.

  7. Good question. I was promised updates and waiting on them while doing other apps.

    As a result, there are some pending projects that weren’t released.

  8. Multiplayer Word Mole isn’t bad. The problem is finding anyone who wants to play haha.

  9. That would be very cool and a great feature to have that no other platform can match.

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