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BlackBerry PlayBook Compatible Accessories on Amazon

PlayBook accessories amazon

It seems like it is never too soon to be selling BlackBerry PlayBook accessories. A few years back accessories for BlackBerrys only came out a few months after a device launch. Now we have a few accessories already showing up from Amazon sellers claiming to be compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook. We already saw some of the official accessories coming to the PlayBook but there are some creative ones in this list. My favorite is the capacitive touch stylus for the PlayBook. I wonder if people will actually use one of those…

Check out the PlayBook accessories on Amazon. Nikolaus spotted them as one of the top sponsored links on Google when you search “BlackBerry PlayBook.”

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  1. Keep em coming!

  2. It’s just SEO, that’s all. If you look carefully, it’s compatible for a ton of devices and all set to release on the same day. See for an example of how it was used for everything from the Xoom to the PlayBook.

    • True but it is funny to see them already targeting a device that has yet to be released with pictures of the device using generic products. I guess maybe they are trying to up their SEO so they have the edge when the product launches.

  3. Yeah, sounds like just generic products with SEO to attract hits.

    I am interested in what third parties come up with. Hopefully with the Built for Blackberry program, they’re out on launch day. I’m a big Incipio fan.

  4. A capacitative stylus is a good idea actually

  5. Glad to see accessories ahead of the release date.

  6. I know “compatible” often means cheaper but it can sometimes be a deal breaker for me. I bought a micro usb car charger once thinking that anyone would do fine for my blackberry so I bought a $5 one online…don’t know what was wrong with it but every time I connected to it, my blackberry would go into a reboot cycle.

    And when it comes to cases, I don’t need an OEM one but I want it to at least be playbook specific, not one that should fit the playbook…and 10 other devices.

  7. It’s nice that the manufacturers have started making accessories for the playbook already but I think I’m going to wait until I’ve bought mine, or we at least have a release date, before I go stocking up on accessories. Especially considering the premium accessories (Forte, Vaja, Otterbox, etc) aren’t usually released before hand. Also, I want to give the accessories in the Built for Blackberry program a chance, wait till they arrive and see what they have to offer.

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