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SWEET! Google Voice Now Lets You Port Your Phone Number!!!

Google Voice

It’s hard to believe the day has actually come. One of the biggest drawbacks of Google Voice until now was that you had to use the number assigned to your by Google. This made for a fun game of using both your old phone number and your Google Voice number. Now Google has finally implemented a solution by allowing you to port your own phone number to Google Voice for only $20! Crazy right? I did not see the option yet but Engadget caught it in a screenshot.

That means you can easily port over your cellphone number to Google Voice and it will work like a charm. Keep in mind this works like normal number porting so if you do port your number it will automatically cancel your current phone number subscription and you may be liable for some hefty early termination fees.

All in all I think this is a HUGE development for Google Voice. Now I am totally on the fence on if I should just port my AT&T number to Google Voice and be done with carrier contracts. What are you going to do?

You can port your number to Google Voice by going to: Google Voice –> Settings –> Voice Settings and select the port link. Let us know if you take the plunge!!!

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  1. I don’t get exactly how you will be done with carrier contracts. You still need to have a physical cell phone if you want GV to forward to it, right?

    Is there any way to port the number but notify your current carrier to not cancel your service but rather assign you a new number? Otherwise, this really is only big for people at the end of a contract.

    • I don’t think its possible. I think once you port a number, your carrier assumes you’ve cancelled your phone service.

      This is a great development for those who have been waiting for portability, but I think I’ll stick with my current voice plan for now.

      • Its not exactly that you no longer need a carrier its that you are no longer tied to one. You can just get a regular SIM without a contract and switch carriers on a whim.

      • also seeing that I ported to ATT from Tmo in November when you do port your old carrier in my case TMO does always cancel your service therefore you can call them back after you have ported your number and get a new “dummy” number and then in result is you have your actual phone number tied to google voice for use how you feel and never have to give that dummy number out.

  2. So…how about data plans? Minute plans etc…?

  3. I thought I heard somewhere that google had been working on providing cellular services. But yeah, everyone’s right, I wouldn’t do it until (or if) they ever do that. I’ve never heard or them releasing it though.

  4. “I did not see the option yet but Engadget caught it in a screenshot.”

    Apparently it was up for a little while and then disappeared. Looks like they was just testing it or something.

  5. Oh wow! I think I’m gonna keep mine separate. I’ve has my google number for a couple years now (I think? How long has Gv been around? I got it in the beginning). Anyway, I’m uses to having both. I use Gv for my bills, etc so it works out perfectly. I don’t get any unknowns or anything on my celly so if they go to google, I never see it. I always have it on vm so I just read my messages. I absolutely live it!!!

    Great writeup! 🙂

    • Agreed, even though my google voice # is going to my cellphone, I reserve my cellphone # for friends and family only and use everyone else gets my google voice number, so, websites that I create an account with, charities I donate to, pretty much everyone else.

  6. I like having a diff number that way I can be flexible with whom I give my number to.

  7. Does anyone know if you can port your land line number? If so then this would be just the move I’ve been waiting for to drop my land line..

  8. I don’t see this option showing up in my account settings. This means either it was pulled by Google or it is being rolled out to selective accounts only. I really wanted to see if it would let me port in my 403 number, the only Canadian area code that works with GV.

  9. What do you guys mean by dropping your carrier or your land line? This makes no sense. Don’t you still have to have cell phone service or an activated sim card for a cellphone to work, and land line service for a home phone to work? This would make it impossible to drop all carrier service and just have a GV # right, I mean what would you be linking the GV# to? I’m guessing that you would have to change your carrier number to another # and then port that original # to GV. I dont understand what logic you guys are using. Unless GV has some new features that i dont know about.

    • It means your phone number is no longer locked into a carrier. In other words you can transfer it anywhere without having to go through the annoying and sometimes costly process of porting your number. So one day you could be using a prepaid SIM the next month you could be up and running on a Verizon postpaid SIM without a contract.

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