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RIM Migrating Away from Marvell Processors With the PlayBook?

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One of the things that was nagging me about the upcoming PlayBook was the fact that its much touted processor is made by Texas Instruments (TI). For years now RIM has always been using Marvell chips in their GSM smartphones and Qualcomm chips in their CDMA smartphones. The PlayBook is introducing TI to the BlackBerry family.

I was reading some research on this deviation by FierceWireless and it seems like Marvell might be on the outs in RIM devices. Their processors power a huge portion of RIM’s portfolio so it is interesting to see them not getting in on the PlayBook action. Maybe it is because they do not have a competing processor. This makes me wonder why RIM did not chose Qualcomm, their alternate supplier, and their SnapDragon processor for the PlayBook since they do have dual core 1Ghz chips. THere is also a competing processor from

All together it will be interesting to see where RIM sources their processors for the new devices that are rumored for 2011. We know the 800Mhz PXA930 will probably just be the same processor in current devices without RIM underclocking it but where will this new rumored 1.2 Ghz processor come from? These processors are rumored to have OpenGL support which has been missing so far in all of RIM’s GSM devices.

I just cannot wait to get a faster processor in my Torch or Bold form factor. The OS is already relatively fast on a 624Mhz processor just imagine what it will be like at DOUBLE the clock speed (1.2Ghz)!

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  1. 1.2ghz on OS 6.1 will fly. Same here, my Torch doesn’t really lag at all. The one part it’ll help dramatically I hope is web browsing.

    From what I read the simple addition of Open GL will help as well with speed of the OS.

  2. There are rumors about Qualcomm having chips that can support both CDMA and GSM. If RIM is using one of these instead it would imply that all devices would support openGL, and that all carriers would be able to launch devices at the same time that would work across all networks. (ie. no difference between the 9300 and 9330)

    One can hope at least…

  3. What people don’t realize is the RIM is so good at power management, that their 625mghz processor performs almost as fast as 1ghz processors on iphone, and android. Therefore, the 1.2ghz processor will be almost as fast as thr dual core processor of the upcoming Atrix Android phone.

  4. Isn’t there a chance that RIM maybe uses some of the security features on some of the processors/chipsets? I saw the TI chip used in the playbook has a few encryption and device security features. Maybe they have always stuck with Marvell because nobody else had those features yet?

  5. Looks like Nvidia about to announce Tegra 3 at the Mobile World Congress in February.

    “This time, a report from Hexus suggests NVIDIA will soon be announcing Tegra 2 – the company’s Michael Rayfield predicts they’ll have Tegra 3 ready for OEMs at the same time their competitors catch up to Tegra 2. Based on what we expect Samsung and Qualcomm to announce within the next couple of months, there’s reason to believe they’ll be making a big splash at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.”

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