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Rumor: 3G BlackBerry PlayBook Coming in March/April Followed by LTE Model?


An interesting new rumor has cropped up from a solid source of Al Sacco of CIO. Al clearly says to take this one with a large grain of salt but his source, a high level BlackBerry admin working with RIM, has yet to give him bad info. According to this source RIM will be coming out with a 3G BlackBerry PlayBook around late March / early April time which makes a bit of sense after the current late February / early March target date for the Wi-Fi PlayBook. So far RIM has only confirmed a 4G WiMax version of the PlayBook so maybe they will have these devices ready sooner than we think.

The same source said that an LTE powered PlayBook is also in line for “Some time soon” after the 3G PlayBook which is nice and vague but promising. They also mentioned that the 3G PlayBook will be coming to AT&T at launch.

On the other hand all of this talk about a 3G capable PlayBook has me wondering if RIM has created PIM applications for the PlayBook and just has not shown them to us yet. I am really hoping that the BlackBerry Bridge is not all RIM has to show for PIM on a business device. Also It could be that RIM is following Apple’s strategy of first rolling out the Wi-Fi version of the iPad before the cellular version. That way they catch early adopters twice. On the other hand I am not sure if I will be able to hold out for a cellular version… 🙂 Will you?

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  1. Im just hitting the wifi first.

  2. Will definitely stay with the WiFi version.

    Two reasons. First, a second data plan is something I’m wanting to avoid, especially with the price gouging they do here in Canada. The only way I would reconsider is if my carrier’s data sharing plans go down in price.

    Second, no urgent need for a cell version for me since I’ll always have my Blackberry on me. Sure, it may be a bit cumbersome and battery-intensive to have a bluetooth connection at all times, but the bridge will also (hopefully) allow me to take calls from my BB with a bluetooth headset. And the battery on my BB will probably even last longer if I’m using my PB more than my BB for all the things I used to use it for, like web browsing, etc.

    As for the PIM apps. I’ve commented before, but my growing suspicion has been that they haven’t shown PIM apps yet because PIM apps won’t be available on the WiFI version, only the radio versions. I could be wrong, but when Ryan Bidan said they’ll be added “as the platform evolves” it sounded to me like it’ll be part of future Playbook (ie 3G, 4G, LTE).

    I guess we’ll see soon enough. If they’re taking orders from businesses in February, I think we’ll definitely see an early March release for everyone else.

  3. WiFi version only for me. I will not be adding a third data plan in my home, but I’m excited about the possibilities of the PB and willing to be a “little” patient. In the end I’m sure it’ll be a super product. All the speculation hasn’t changed my view on the PB in the end. I can’t wait.

  4. Wi Fi version is great for present Blackberry users!

  5. LTE PlayBook before an LTE BlackBerry?

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