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Google Maps for BlackBerry v4.5.2 Released – No Change Log

Google Maps Update

Google has quietly updated Google Maps for BlackBerry to v4.5.2. There is no word on what is new in this update but its the first update we have seen since Octobers release of 4.5.1.

Google Maps 4.5.2 is now available directly at

Check it out and let us know if it works. Thanks Tom for the tip!

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  1. Finally! I was on 4.5.1 before. Then, when I got a new phone, it would say the latest version was 4.4.0.. I think I read there were issues with 4.5.1 so it was pulled?

    Ah well, good to see an update. Hopefully the GPS locks on faster in this release.

    Always have used this over Blackberry Maps.

  2. I rarely see any improvements in the Google Maps updates. Sometimes they change the look and feel. I really wish they would reinstate a feature they took out way back around version 4.1 where if you searched for a location the map displayed the bubbles for each matching location (like web based google maps does). In unfamiliar territory or during interstate travel it can be very beneficial to see the locations’ relative position to yours.

    For example, you are driving and you do a search for Starbucks (yuck!). There may be 5 Starbucks within 10 miles of you. 3 of those Starbucks are over 5 miles off their respective exits. One of those Starbucks is on the exit you already passed. One Starbucks is right off an exit that is 2 exits ahead for you. Unless you knew the area well enough to recognize all the locations you do not know which Starbucks to actually select from the results list to minimize disruption to your trip’s progress.

    Why they removed the bubbled map feature is beyond me; it destroyed about 75% of the functionality of the app for me.

    • ?? I think the current version does what you’re talking about. If I search for Starbucks, it shows the results on the map along with my current location. The only way to get a results “list” is to click the list view button at the lower right.

      • Interesting. I just tried it and the other thing that drives me nuts happened. Instead of a list of choices the directions to the Starbucks Google wants me to go visit were displayed despite the fact that there are at least 3 more Starbucks just as close. I looked into it a bit and it even did me the disservice of picking the location hardest to access from my location.

        So, I plugged in directions from location to “Church”, seeing as there are about 10 churches within a mile or so of here. That worked, I got the list of addresses. It did not default to the bubbled map. There were no keys I could press from the addresses list to see the bubbled map.

        I would really like to know what I could do to change this behavior to be like you are describing it.

  3. Try using the Search function instead of the Get Directions function. Then, when you’ve found the location you want directions to, request directions from that location’s details. It will completely eliminate the problems that you’re having.

  4. Google maps is my favorite app. Always have it on my BB.

  5. Maybe does they had fix the memory leaks problems? It’s huge. if you download 10MB maps, the’ll stay in memory until you uninstall the app and reboot

  6. I’ve noticed after a few days of testing that my gps either doesn’t lock on or it takes forever to. This is outside on a clear day. The previous version locked on almost instantly by comparison.

    Ill try a few battery pulls, but may go back to the previous version if it doesn’t resolve itself.

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