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Do You Know Your BlackBerry has DataSmart Technology?


I was wondering if I read something wrong in this new article about RIM’s DataSmart technology on the official BlackBerry Blog. Turns out that our BlackBerrys have “DataSmart” technology built into them. Don’t get me wrong most people know that BlackBerry devices are light on data usage and those that don’t can hear Mike Lazaridis yelling it from the rooftops. The thing is I have never heard of this “technology” actually being called “DataSmart.” Have you? I tried asking the oracle (known as Google) and they had also never heard of a BlackBerry “DataSmart” tech before yesterday.

Here is how RIM describes DataSmart:

What is DataSmart technology? Well, the simplest way to think about it is to compare it to zipping large files on your computer. When you use data on a BlackBerry smartphone, it’s almost as if the data is zipped up before it’s sent or received, so it’s smaller and uses up less of your data plan.

So essentially “DataSmart” is RIM’s BIS technology that proxies your data, email, and lots of other things through RIM’s servers to optimize the data usage for your device. Kind of cool that is has a name but really nothing new at all and has been around since the dawn of RIM. RIM does make a great point of touting that this technology lets you do 2 to 4 times as much email, browsing, or Facebook networking on a BlackBerry when compared to other devices. On the other hand you could turn this comparison around and say that Android and iPhone devices do an infinite times more Skype VoIP chatting per megabyte because RIM refuses to help develop/promote VoIP clients that work over 3G.

You can check out more details on DataSmart technology at:

This optimization is sort of a bottle neck for RIM since they do not roll out new technology until they can optimize it. This kind of makes me wonder how they are going to handle 3G Mobile Hotspots on upcoming devices since that will be even harder for them to optimize. Personally I think RIM’s optimizations are great (aka their IM clients) but I feel like RIM sometimes takes it way to far (aka their sadly limited Facebook app).

What this DataSmart tech would really help for is if carriers started going to total metered bandwidth on smartphones. Say for example instead of the current 200MB to 2GB tiers for data we have now that carriers would just say they are charging $0.25 per megabyte. All of a sudden you would want a phone that was as frugal as possible about phantom data. It makes me wonder if RIM can really see the future or if all of this DataSmart tech will become pointless when every device has a 50Mbps LTE connection.

What do you think?

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  1. Yeah I never heard of it as being called DataSmart. I’m guessing it’s a marketing term for what they’ve always done in compression through their BIS server.

    I think its a very good move to highlight this now. In the wake of Sprint and likely others raising data plan rates in anticipation of “4G”, this could be a way RIM markets itself as the “DataSmart” phone.

    I think it’ll generate appeal to the crowd that has basic data needs only (IM, email, facebook, etc). I’m with you on the underwhelming Facebook app though, it’s a pain to use sometimes.

  2. I know they do that but i did not know its called datasmart…

  3. So why can’t they do something about truncated emails? I’m tired of not getting full emails.

    • I was able to configure mail options on a 9650 OS5 to download full messages. However, forwarding a message including attachments seems impossible. I wonder if stripping attachments on forwards is “datasmart”?

  4. Nope, didn’t know that. I could always tell that RIM was doing something “smart” with the data though.

  5. We know that in the hard way…
    In Latin America having a BB is cool (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, etc). Because our data roaming price$, if you travel and you want to be connected, your only choice is BB.
    Having and iPhone when you travel?
    Yes, sure… I personally know someone who did that, and now he has U$s 10.000 data roaming bill to pay. Guess which is his next phone?

  6. Ive known about the datasmart tech for a while. I remember reading a report that the average bb user doesnt reach over 200mb of data. I informed my sister who was paying 40 bucks for unlimited data when she barely went over 20mb. It saved her 25 on her bill!! Go RIM!!!

  7. Users of other brands can simply use proxies and achieve similar or better results…With the advantage of having access to all their IMAP mailboxes…

  8. In South Africa, many contracts are worked out at a cost per MB, and the costs are high. Coincidentally, RIM has said South Africa is their fastest growing market…

  9. This is only a step in the right direction again that you will see. Once QNX gets to smartphones, you will also see much greater development for applications… Do not worry, they honestly are working on compression and everything to incorporate Full API’s and HTML5 with Flash 10.1… It will not be easy, But hey they are Blackberry and they do now have an expert team of Developers making things happen!

  10. I think RIM can call it anything they want. Nobody is gonna care because carriers are just going to find more and more ways to keep increasing what we have to pay them.

  11. Never heard of DataSmart until now. I just thought I missed that compressed data had a fancy name.

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