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RIM Highlights Urbanspoon Super App in Latest Commercial

RIM is rolling out the commercials like clockwork recently. Their latest focuses on a 3rd party app which is new for RIM. It highlights how two food bloggers use the “Super App” Urbanspoon to find places to review. It is kind of a interesting commercial but not really what I would call consumer driving. It was more of a “get the job done” though it does focus on the creative slot machine like wheel in the app that Urbanspoon spent weeks developing.

Something tells me we are in for a whole line of these “Super App” commercials. You can pick up a copy of Urbanspoon for your BlackBerry at this link in App World if you don’t already have it. via @AlexKinsella

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  1. Seems to be the theme of recent Blackberry commercials I’ve seen. They’re geared more towards people being productive in their lives. I think it’s a good strategy for now, differentiates them from the other phones showing games, etc. But I agree,not really driving the mainstream consumer appeal.

    It’s similar to the DJ Diplo Love what you Do commercials .

  2. I’ve always thought of UrbanSpoon as a case example of a failed BlackBerry app, actually. They took something visually snazzy, functionally limited, and easy to write for the iPhone. They then ported it to BlackBerry (while complaining every step of the way), then acted all surprised as to why no one used it.

    Meanwhile the BlackBerry platform already had apps with similar functionality, such as Poynt, did a little more than just show a funky GUI widget. (though even Poynt now has a pretty fancy-looking home screen)

  3. I like the UI on that app. 🙂

    I haven’t seen anything like that before. Antair is another developer that will do great things. I was in contact with them for a project and I saw their products. Very impressed. 🙂

  4. I like UrbanSpoon. I just don’t use it a lot. It’s like Poynt, It’s functionable, but don’t use it. Maybe if I lived in another area or traveled more I would. There’s my answer, need a traveling job 😉

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