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RIM’s Acquisition of QNX Dubbed “Smartest Tech Acquisition of 2010”

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If RIM really needed any more justification for their choice to acquire QNX they just got it from the Business Insider. That acquisition was named the top of the top 10 smartest tech acquisitions of 2010. While I cannot totally agree with all of the acquisitions they mentioned they do correctly point out that QNX is one of the main reasons people are excited about the BlackBerry PlayBook. While QNX does not seem to be coming to phones until 2012 RIM is laying their cards on the table saying QNX is the future of the BlackBerry platform. It is kind of crazy to think that RIM’s April 2010 acquisition of QNX is turning into an actual product before April 2011. That is some seriously fast turn around time.

What do you think? Kudos to Barrist for the tip!

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  1. Indeed it is. No doubt considering its current reputation is pretty in line with that of blackberry’s – being secure

    Widely used for secure platforms, its great! 😀

    My only concern now is about mantaining and using the os on devices – how to update it.

  2. I agree. Hopefully, we’ll see a similar user interface in the coming smartphones as well.

  3. Totally agree. QNX is giving them the boost they really needed and hopefully it wasn’t too late.

  4. I hope when they say 2012 for phones they don’t mean Dec 2012

  5. a little revenge on all those who complain of RIM

  6. QNX is recognized specializing in embedded systems like the QNXCAR they showed at CES.

    Blackberry purchased Dash Nav (makers of GPS units) about 2 years ago.. is RIM thinking about branching out beyond smartphones? Or maybe I’m looking into it too much..

    • I think the QNX acquisition may be RIM’s last hope of retaining market position as long as they can get it on the phones sooner rather than later.

      I hadn’t heard of the Dash Nav acquisition but maybe it means they are going to make Blackberry Maps into a full voice navigation system. I would love that – provided AT&T doesn’t block it.

  7. I think that the acquisition was vital. Not because RIM was going to fall out of the smartphone market, but because their platform was dated and needed a makeover. webOS tried this and failed (at first attempt). QNX looks to be more advanced and can lead RIM into the next level. But I agree, If they wait until Dec ’12 to start putting QNX into phones, they MIGHT (just saying might) be having to play catch up again. OS 6.0 was a cleaner version of OS 5.0, but I still see the hourglass (a lot!).

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