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FileScout v2.5 Adds DropBox Integration and Improved Caching

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EmacBerry has just taken their FileScout file manager app to the next level with two sweet new features. The first is great news for DropBox users allowing you to access your DropBox account directly from FileScout. To keep the size of FileScout down they implemented this connectivity with a new application plugin that you need to install separately. FileScout also has a new caching system that makes the app load much quicker with things like a faster thumbnail and directory listing cache. All in all FileScout is shaping up into the file manager BlackBerrys should ship with. My hope is that they add a FTP client plugin in the future!

If you don’t already have it you can pick up FileScout premium in the store for $6.99 (currently $4.99 on sale) at this link or download a trial and the limited free FileScout Lite version at this link. A direct OTA download is also available at this link.

New FileScout Caches & FileScout Dropbox Plugin

What’s New

  • FileScout Caches will be initiated on device start (and not on each start of FileScout):
    • FileScout will now start way much faster
    • Search and GoTo-Directory functions are instantly available after FileScout is started
    • Previously generated Thumbnails will be displayed right after the start
    • On application exit Thumbnails Cache will not be written – so the application close right away
    • Thumbnail Cache will be fully automated written (when an updated is required) every 24h in the background
    • Thumbnails will be automatically generated (in the background) when a new image is created on the device
    • The complete new behavior & functions can be of course switched off in general options of FileScout
  • FileScout will handle the SDCard insert or remove events
  • New key short cut [SHIFT]+[T]: Goto Top of the file list
  • New key short cut [SHIFT]+: Goto Bottom of the file list
  • FileScout Dropbox Plugin Integration

    In order to keep the main FileScout Application as small as possible the FileScout Dropbox Plugin is a separate available Application by that allows you to interact with your Dropxbox. The Plugin have to be installed separately OTA. Therefore you will find in the FileScout options a new Section called Dropbox Options. When the Plugin is not present you will find there a button which allows you to install the FileScout Dropbox Plugin OTA directly from FileScout just with a single click.

    After the Plugin is installed you need to specify your Dropbox login details (email & password) and press the login button. After your login have been verified you can start to access your Dropbox from FileScout.

    If you don’t know the Dropbox Service or if you don’t have a Dropbox account yet visit the Dropbox website for details. If you like you can create a new Dropbox account with a referral to the Dropbox account.

    What you can do with the FileScout Dropbox Plugin:

    • Download single files, list of files or complete folders (not recursive) from your Dropbox to any folder of your BlackBerry Device. This can be done by navigating to the destination folder and select Receive from… from the #Menu within Filescout and in the following popup Dialog select Dropbox.
    • Upload a single file, a selection of files or complete folders (not recursive) from your BlackBerry® Device to your Dropbox. Select a file, multiple files or a folder and select Send to… from the #Menu within FileScout and in the following popup Dialog select Dropbox.
    • When you are uploading a file, files or a folder you can also create a new directory at your Dropbox.
    • FileScout is caching the folder and file structure of your Dropbox if you like to force a refresh you can do this via the Refresh #Menu
    • Display file or folder details for any item on your Dropbox (key short cut [O|I])
    • FileScout Dropbox Options:
      • Logout – disconnect FileScout from your Dropbox account
      • Enable/disable Online Warning Message (warning about transfer volume)
      • When you use "Auto" as FileScout Options/General Options/Preferred Network setting you can disable certain fallback transports – e.g. when your BES Admin have blocked access to the Dropbox URL.
      • Enable/configure a warning notification if a transfer will exceed a certain volume – you can select between OFF, 1 MiB, 5 MiB, 25 MiB and 200 MiB
      • Check for FileScout Dropbox Plugin Update button
      • Clear FileScout Dropbox Plugin Cache button – FileScout is caching the folder structure of Dropbox – this cache can be flushed via this function.

    Dropbox Icons are based on the SILK Icons created by Mark James

    WARNING: The FileScout Dropbox Plugin has the potential to transfer extremely large volumes of data using your carrier’s network. Please be aware that this could result in large overage charges over the course of a month if you do not have an unlimited data plan. Regardless of your data plan, please consider configuring FileScout to use WiFi (FileScout Options/General Options/Preferred Network set to either Auto or WiFi) whenever available as an alternate to using your carrier’s network.

Quick OTA-Update Link

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  1. RIM’s native Files app leaves much to be desired, so I’m glad that FileScout (even the lite version) is out there and is continuing development!

    In fact I keep “Files” hidden on my homescreen because I just use Filescout.

  2. Downloaded! pending a reboot before i can say something 😀

  3. If you do not have an DropBox account yet and want to signup with some extra free space in your DropBox, just use this link:

  4. I have both and love Filescout. I’ve not been too impressed by Dropbox for BlackBerry because your are limited with the ability to download from your “clouded” material. Maybe they will work together to bring an experience that is so desperately needed on the BlackBerry platform.

  5. Filescout is great and deserves donations for not crippling their program.

  6. I donated back when it was completly free and when they it to a paid app I got the registration code as a thank you. Best money spent for an app. Blackberries should come with this.

  7. dam i am proud to be an own of filescout and a free version owner of dropbox. now instead of send and email with a photo i just took in timesquare of a man playing his guitar in his underwear. I can put it in my public folder right from my blackberry, that way dropbox notifies my friends there is a new image in there for them to see. FileScout just became my #1 file manager.

  8. Since we’re on the topic, if anyone is looking for a password manager, I recently left SplashID and stumbled upon, SafeWallet. Highly recommend but the coolest thing about it is dropbox integrated so you never have to sync your BB with your PC (although you can use USB if you want) Very cool. I think you can buy it in the BR store. Its made by SBSH software.

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