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Did RIM Discover Some New Battery Tech for Next Gen BlackBerrys?

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After all the leaks of the next 4 devices in RIM’s pipeline I noticed something that nagged me over the weekend. These 4 devices have faster processors, faster cellular connections, more memory, more features (Hotspot, NFC, etc), and other new specs. The one thing that has not really changed is the size and capacity of the batteries. While RIM has done some amazing things with battery life their latest devices like the Torch only really make it through 12-18 hours of use. So how will RIM pull it off with processors that are up to twice as fast as the current 624Mhz speed daemons? 🙂

Here is what I mean:

I am curious if RIM discovered some new battery tech or power management feature that lets them squeeze more use out of batteries that have the same capacity as current devices. Any ideas? I am just deadly curious to know how RIM is planning to pull off this battery miracle. I was suggesting that RIM double the CPU speeds and double the battery capacities. They have bumped up the CPU speeds significantly but battery capacity is rumored to be the same… Does that mean we will be like current Android users who cannot go through 5-6 hours of use without an extended battery?

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  1. My Droid X lasts all day with one battery, sooo…

  2. One possibility is that these specs are entirely accurate, in terms of the battery power at least. But they seemed so specific in the leaked information, I’m not sure that’s a plausible explanation.

    The other one could be perhaps OS 6.1 brings some significant power management improvements. There was not much in the slideshow from Indonesia, but that was only for developers and showed developer-centric details only perhaps.

    RIM’s CEO doubled down on maintaining Blackberry’s reputation as having great battery life (one of the apparent reasons for not having QNX dual-core phones yet). I doubt they would sacrifice that in this next line-up of OS 6 devices.

  3. I wonder if RIM would be open to the idea of doing something similar to what Apple has done with their batteries. The onlybthing that confuses me is why must you reset a Blackberry by doing a battery pull after installing software and it is not necessarynwjem installing apps on iPhone? Anynthoughts? If blackberry could do that, it would definitely be a plus. I know I digress. Haha!

    • The difference is the way the OS is designed that being said, QNX will not have this issue. Maybe 6.1 will offer a solution here as well, but with BB OS deeply rooted in Java I feel we will have to deal with reboots for uninstallations until QNX hits.

  4. I’d say it doesn’t really matter. I’d rather have a 1.2ghz at the cost of half the battery life of a 624mhz processor any day. A low battery I can do something about… a crappy processor I can’t.

    RIM just needs to be wary of the Windows Vista Effect. They need to be careful not to design OS 6.0/1 and beyond around the assumption that a 1.2ghz processor and 512mb of RAM is available. Otherwise, the performance increase of having better hardware may be marginalized. Instead they need to continue developing the OS around the 624mhz device specs to shake the “hourglass” once and for all.

  5. I need to charge my Storm2 at least once during the day during nomal usage, for me anyway. It could be the battery’s age, since my Storm is coming up on two years old. First thing I do is put it on my charger the minute I’m in the truck. I get panicky when I see the less than 20% indicator come on………..

  6. My guess is no, no new battery tech. I just don’t think RIM would be sitting on something that would be a game changer for lots of folks many of whom have nothing to do with mobile communications devices.

  7. Possibly.

    I know when Intel upgraded their chipsets from the 90nm process to the 45nm process they were able to reduce the voltage the chips ran at, and therefore get significant power savings along with quicker speeds.

    However it is a bit doubtful, that the processors that RIM is using have been that heavily redesigned…

  8. It’s so simple. RIM will use newer chips which allow them to power them with lower voltage at even higher clocks. It’s the same what you can see from the desktop cpus.

    • Yeah but the Curve processor is the same processor as the current 624Mhz processor. From what I have learned the current one is underclocked to 624Mhz to conserve battery so how is the Curve going to run the same processor with a higher clock with the same battery life

  9. +1 on what Rob said. Die shrink, improved lithography most likely scenario.

  10. I would say at this point that RIM has a team who knows how to alter the battery life. How else could one OS build not drain as bad as another? With the new chip sets, I’m sure they’ve been playing and testing them for about 2 years. Couldn’t get it done until OS 6 came out and then with OS 6.1 it’s gotten even better.

    Could they be holding some cards and not sharing with other companies? Yes..especially if they are playing catch up to other cell phone manufacturers. Time will tell….

  11. maybe they’ll get some alien tech that helps the situation.. lmao… but im extremely curious though, no doubt about that!

  12. I have no idea why, but my Torch’s battery Lars up to THREE hours. I’m pretty sure I screwed it up myself, though, possibly for using it too much/overcharging.

    • Three hours?

      That sounds like either hardware failure, a bad battery or you have some app(s) running that’s draining killing your battery.

      What version OS are you running? What apps do you have installed?

      There shouldn’t be that drastic a drop in battery life. I don’t think you can overcharge or use it too much to the point that it drops to three hours.

      My Torch lasts me at least the day and then some. With light use during my work day, I’m only at about 80% when I walk out the door to go home.

    • Did you double check to see if your Wi-Fi is on? most people leave it on and it drain battery every time it searches for a Wi-Fi network.

  13. I doubt RIM discovered any new battery tech, i think they just realized that most consumers would rather have something faster and flashy. RIM is willing to take a hit on battery life for their last generation before switching to QNX in my opinion.

  14. They have been testing processors and batteries since September or earlier.

    Maybe its the fruit of their bounty.

  15. Hopefully the new phones (and OS 6.1) will support flash. In that case they will need really good batteries.

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