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Winter Gloves for Touchscreens Highlighted by the New York Times

Screen shot 2011-01-09 at 4.58.52 PM Many users are dismayed to learn that current touchscreen tech does not work when using gloves. There are a few solutions for this problem and a whole industry has spawned for creating touchscreen capable gloves. We have covered winter gloves for BlackBerry use a few times already but I recently ran into a few more options in a NYTimes article a friend sent over. Practically all of the NYTimes touchscreen suitable gloves list were new to me so I though I would share them with you. If you see yours missing from the list and think they are better let us know in the comments! I am always looking for a better way to be able to use my BlackBerry in the cold.

Here are the gloves recommended by the NYTimes:

They even highlight a homemade solution by Grathio on making any glove into a touchscreen capable one. The instructions are at this link.

BTW anybody else notice that the BlackBerry Torch keyboard keys are harder to press in sub 30 degree temperatures? I don’t remember my 9700 being so hard to press…

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  1. cool tip on the DIY one.. might have to pick up some of that thread..

    it is a pain in the Canadian winter to have to take off my gloves to use my phone!

  2. Thanks for the list! I prefer to just walk fast with my head down until i get to a warm place. Haha! I think my sister may have one of those though… 🙂

  3. One great thing about os 6, is it doesn’t require use of the touchscreen. And one great thing about current and coming touchscreen blackberry smartphones, they all have a trackpad, which works great with gloves.

    Iphones need special gloves to make a phone call. I’m glad I can use my phone to its full extent (with the exception of the touchscreen) without gloves 🙂

  4. That’s why I love my trackpad on my Bold. You can use the trackpad with gloves. And I don’t get frost bite either. Lol!

  5. DIY Gloves .. YES, i definately need some…

  6. DIY gloves are wicked

  7. hmm those ag gloves look decent, not too expensive either..

  8. Lame marketing gimmick if you ask me. I have a great pair of driving gloves, work fine for driving or using my cellphone.

  9. i just use half gloves with my fingers exposed

  10. Ronen, you never said which you picked up when you were asking back just before your Israel trip???

  11. Considering cellphones are dirtier than toilet seats gloves might not be a bad idea.

  12. I have a pair of Isotoner Tech Gloves I got before Christmas on sale for $16. They are extremely warm inside and the finger tips have special material which work great on the touchscreen.

  13. I needed these gloves last week in our 23° cold spell.

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