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What Should be the Top App in App World? Vote in the Comments!

Screenshot20110110at8.26.45PM Regular readers at BerryReview know I tend to harp on how two of the top paid apps in App World are a memory booster and a “flashlight.” I won’t go into the details here but you can find the gist in this article. One of our readers, CraZy88, got me thinking by asking in the comments what should be in the top BlackBerry paid apps list? Games? Business apps? Themes?

I thought that was a really good question. Distimo shows that the actual top paid app for 2010 was BeBuzz which I think is a good example of what a top app should be. On the other hand my other top items would be Slacker Premium (not paid through App World), Aces Jewel Hunt, and BerryReader.

What would be in your top App World paid list? Vote in the comments!

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  1. First app I re-install after a new upgrade is definitely berrybuzz. Next would be Berryweather.. I conceded these aren’t the most exciting apps.. but they are definitely must-haves for me. After that, Google Maps perhaps?

  2. what are the top paid apps in the Apple App Store and Android Market?

  3. Definetly BerryReader, then BerryWeather and QuickLaunch is also a must…

  4. Thanks for the mention! I’m happy to inspire. :). I think Is the perfect example of a good top paid app. It is something that adds to the delight of the Blackberry; the LED light. It makes it personal. I live that app. It is one of my favorites.

    At any rate, great writeup. I think once we start seeing more blackberry’s with stronger guts, the top list will change. If more people bought the touch devices, perhaps we will see more games. I honestly think it boils down to which device is the most popular. Right now it’s the curve series. 🙂

  5. speaking of apps.. Filescout has been updated with Dropbox integration!

    best file manager on bb gets better

  6. I would definitely say just about any application from Bellshare. Being a tester for them has been great and the products are top notch. So BerryBuzz, BerryWeather. Then QuickLaunch

  7. I think youversion

  8. Can’t forget Poynt!

  9. Poynt – without a doubt!

  10. BerryBuzz as #1, just since it’s practically the single most “must own” app for any BB.

    BePopup, BerryReader, PatternLock.

  11. I think barrist wants to win the PlayBook… 🙂

    • who wouldn’t? 🙂

    • Bahahaha….I was trying to keep up with him but he’s clearly running a bot:)

    • I agree, Dropbox definitely. Other votes would go to Poynt, BerryReader, BerryWeather, Tether and QuickLaunch. QuickLaunch, heck I take that for granted some times. Use it so much even though it is a simple feature, easy to overlook.

      It’s not good enough to be the top app but one app also easy to overlook is smart wifi. You don’t even know its running but I never manually turn on/off my wifi any more.

    • It’s getting a bit ridiculous though. Spamming the comments (as of this writing he’s already made THIRTEEN comments on this single article) shouldn’t be allowed. All well and good to stay engaged in the conversation, but…

  12. Slacker

    • I downloaded TuneIn Radio the other day, absolutely amazing. Slacker never really stuck with me.

      • i’m afraid to go over my monthly limit on tune-in, but it has an amazing variety of stations

        • I have an unlimited plan and my preset list is rather lengthy. I love that I can listen to BBC radio. The podcasts are great as well and so are the local radio stations, which I can be in NYC and scan for a local station in San Fran. I did notice that Clear Channel broadcasting blocked their radio stations because they’re pushing the iHeart Radio app.

        • Also, with the TuneIn radio, you can set it to Wifi only and if you have it set to both wifi and cell, it will warn you when you aren’t on wifi.

          • yeah but i wish i could listen to it on my commutes without being afraid my data is getting sapped

            • I take the train into NYC usually 2 times a week, an 80 min ride, and usually listen to it most of the way there and the way back. I usually do have a chance to charge my phone in between so I haven’t tested out battery life impact but as for data, I’m running off of 3g while on the train so in a few months I’ll update you on how my data consumption has been. If I forget, feel free to PM me. It really is a quality app if you enjoy listening to the radio and even more so particular radio personalities since you can tune into a particular show as well.

  13. My list of thr best apps:
    1. Berry Buzz
    2. Quicklaunch
    3. Shortcutme
    4. Versa Tools
    5. Poynt
    6. Aerize Alerts
    7. ILock
    8. Fancy Widgets
    9. Berry Weather
    10. Voice Reminder
    10: Info Box

  14. For those on OS6 or soon to be going, SixTools by Shaosoft is a jewel. All in one utility app. Even turns your mute, vol up and vol down keys to shortcuts. Goes great with Quicklaunch. It is 2.99 though.

  15. My choices would be:
    – BerryBuzz
    – Quicklaunch
    – BerryWeather
    – Poynt
    – Youmail
    – Telenav
    – Email ScreenShot

  16. quicklaunch
    ascendo money
    buddyguard PRO

    • Leaveiton is another super app that flies under the radar. As for phonebakup and buddyguard…again, I can’t wait for Protect to come out. I want an all-in-one phone security solution.

      • I’ve been wanting to see BlackBerry Protect out myself. I don’t see the point of paying $39 for some of the OTA backup programs that are out there. My carrier has one for BlackBerry for contacts, but I’m running OS6 which they haven’t released (meaning it doesn’t work), so I had to use Google Sync. SmrtGuard is expensive, and Desktop manager doesn’t always back up correctly.

  17. oh yeas. Six tools and addonis too!

  18. Vlingo

  19. My top paid apps are:

  20. Top free app: Poynt (hands down winner!)
    Top paid app: BerryReader

    Other notables: Google Maps (not in AppWorld)

  21. QuickLaunch

  22. Some great suggestions in there. Personally I use Slacker and BerryReader the most throughout the day.

  23. Berryweather, then Berrybuzz get my vote!

  24. Quicklaunch,Poynt and Pandora

  25. QuickLaunch; I’d make it the 1st, 2nd and 3rd most important apps on my 9650.

  26. BerryBuzz, BerryWeather, Shazam Encore

  27. Addonis gets my vote.

  28. I have to add recently purchased Message Prevue to my list of Quick Launch and Worldmate. I am really loving this app.

  29. I am a music junkie and so I vote Pandora and Slacker radio.

  30. BBSSH of course – well, as soon as it’s published, which should be in about 1-2 weeks 😉

  31. BBSSH is violating RIM’s branding guidelines. I am very sure it will not be approved on App World because of that. Besides this, I really love the app! Great work Marc!

    Regarding MemoryBooster: it has been nominated by the GSMA for the “Global Mobile App Awards 2011” which will be held in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. I am not sure, but it seems to be a good app if they even nominate it.

  32. Ascendo money! Tested ascendo & splash money and found ascendo best for functionality and to sync large quicken files. Ascendo has best payee field smart recognition.

    RIM would have been smart to have integrated ascendo into playbook for “business usefulness”!!

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