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RIM Promotes “BlackBerry Balance” to Separate Work and Play

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It really seems like RIM thinks there is something to this employee liable device trend. Their latest attempt to grasp that market is with a new push called “BlackBerry Balance” that RIM introduced at a business event in Boston. I was always curious why these larger companies would care about employee liable devices but maybe they are hoping to cash in on the devices their employees already have. That way employees that cannot justify a work paid device can have a home on their own BlackBerry.

RIM has been trying to do this by separating the business and personal parts on the BlackBerry but it has definitely been a work in progress. For example, there is still no good way to have two different contact lists on a BlackBerry. RIM has the functionality there but doesn’t give us access to it.

The other thing RIM is pushing is MVS which got a nice push with Wi-Fi calling. I still think RIM could make it way more relevant if they added built in VoIP over 3G but then the carriers would no longer love RIM. On the other hand RIM allows carriers like AT&T to charge a $10-$15 markup for BES plans so maybe they care more about carriers than customers.

I think RIM’s biggest play in the employee liable market would be if they added ActiveSync support in BIS. For example, imagine if you could get access to corporate email, contacts, and more without a BES pro or express server and all the overhead associated with it. Now that would be a great way to introduce small businesses to the BlackBerry solution. That way when they wanted more features they could upgrade up the ladder to BES.

What do you think of RIM’s BlackBerry Balance approach? Can you think of a specific case where it would help you?

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  1. agreed..
    i’ve thought of having my work email account/contacts on my personal bb, but i really don’t want to mix the two for obvious reasons!

    hopefully RIM is on to something here, but they need to add that functionality to the phone

  2. I was in full agreement till I got the BES as overhead and active sync. There is the obvious learning curve with BES, but it really does make managing a blackberry 1000 times easier than most active sync devices and then there is the data efficiency associated with BES.

    • Good to hear. Our IT guy convince one of my collegues to stick with BB over the iphone because of the ease of setting it up.

  3. The first 2 comments said it all 🙂

  4. Well the carriers have ALWAYS been RIM’s customer. The end user has always suffered versus what the carriers want. End users are showing their disdain of this approach by going Android and Apple. I’m just not site this helps change that perception for the end user.

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