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Upcoming BlackBerry Dakota Touchscreen Smartphone Caught on Camera!

BlackBerry Dakota

The wait is over especially now that we know that OS 6.1 is the next in line for the upcoming BlackBerry line. Thanks to BGR we now have some idea of what RIM’s future plans are for their smartphone line. We knew about the BlackBerry Dakota but now we have a picture of the device along with the specs to go along with it. This upcoming Bold style device has features like a mobile hotspot (Sweet!), touchscreen along with keyboard, HD recording, 768MB of RAM, NFC, and more. The only thing that we do not know is if this new device will finally ditch the 3 year old 624Mhz processor found in most current gen BlackBerrys for the last 2+ years. Hopefully RIM has learned from their past but you never know…

For your drooling pleasure here are the specs we know:

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Tri-band UMTS
  • 5 megapixel camera with HD video recording, flash, and image stabilization
  • 4GB of built in storage, 768MB of RAM
  • 2.8-inch VGA 640×480 capacitive screen
  • WiFi b,g,n on 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies
  • 3G mobile hotspot!
  • MicroUSB port
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Magnetometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • 10.5mm thin
  • Launches with BlackBerry OS 6.1
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  1. It says its a VGA screen doesn’t it??

  2. They’ve gotta be using a better processor for this.. it seems like HD recording would need something better.

    This is the phone they should have launched alongside the Torch.

    I NEED A RELEASE DATE. im almost more excited for this than the playbook now

  3. That photo looks more like a photoshopped combination of simulator screenshots of the 9700 bottom, 9000 top, and maybe some minor tweaks.

  4. Okay, as I’ve said, about time they get mobile hotspot. This is the kind of change we need to see from RIM.

    But…..This should’ve been out 2 years ago! Being GSM I’m sure it will hit AT&T so again, it will be limited. “Le Sigh!”

    • yeah as i said, they really should have launched this with the torch.. people would have eaten it up.. the bold 9000 was such a popular phone.

      mobile hotspot will make alot of people happy.

      hopefully it is out soon,, my upgrade is coming up in april

  5. OMG! Don’t tell me they are cutting corners by using an old bold 9000 housing and the keyboards already in circulation… Did I mention that RIM reminds me of Chrysler? I’m so disappointed. I do hope it is successful and I’m always pulling for RIM. We shall see, I suppose…

    • the bold 9000 had the best feel of a phone ive ever had. THE best keyboard of all time. its the insides that count. the VGA screen will be sharp as hell on a 2.8″

    • Just noticed.. if the specs are correct,this is thinner than the original bold by about 5 mm… likely not the exact same body then

    • I have a 9000, I really liked this form factor, my daughter has a 9700, to me it was too small, a nice lady’s phone maybe, this new Bold looks good but to me it is too little too late, I’m looking at the phones that use Android. maybe the Motorola Atrix. as long as it doesnt go to Verizon, ill never go back there.

  6. How long until a QNX phone?……… I feel like this phone is just to try to keep us happy until the QNX phone comes out and I don’t want to wait 2 years for it.

    • well it was kind of expected that there would be more os6 devices coming out. they’re a bit late with this, but i think it’ll still be a great phone.. gonna sell my torch as soon as this is released~

    • I can already tell that will be the general impression in the blogsphere.. that its too little too late to “save” RIM.

      But i think at the least, it will help KEEP alot BB Fans from switching. This was the phone they wanted.

      • It is in no way too late to save RIM. They just need to move faster and instead of copying features in the market they need to start defining the market like they are doing with the PlayBook.

        • I agree. I will be honest and say I was one who complained and stressed that I would not switch from a Tour 9630 to Bold 9650. I didn’t see the addition of memory, trackpad and wifi as major improvements. But I eat my words. I’ve completely gone 100% back to BlackBerry due to how the 9650 feels, looks, works, etc. My android devices are gathering dust.

          So yes, they can still get back in the game. The Playbook proves that. They just have to work hard and fast to get back on top. They did make it hard on themselves.

  7. time to ditch torch.. 😀

  8. Definitely digging the specs on this bb. I’ll be waiting for the release of this 1.

  9. Wow I can’t wait for these new devices. Just hope they come to my carrier.

  10. :S The fugly look of the original Bold…
    Same screen size, but higher resolution?!? Just so that they can say that they have a Retina display…

    I hope they release a Torch 2 at the same time with the same specs and a high res screen.

    • fugly???

      The original bold was the best BB design ever. VGA on the same screen size is going to look damn sharp, not to mention its a touchscreen.

      I like my Torch too but a slider wouldn’t be my first choice if this Dakota was out at the same time.

  11. I would love to see this released (although I still prefer the Torch formfactor).

    As a developer I am not looking forward to yet another screen resolution, but at least this is approaching a square, which means most designs will fit.

  12. 800 MHz CPU likely if the Curve Apollo gets one.

  13. The touchscreen/keyboard is going to be awesome to use.. OS6 was made for this type of operation.. yeah i know the torch has it, but as lazy as it sounds, sliding a phone to bring up the real keyboard is kind of inconvenient in a way

  14. Is it just me or is this phone the same size as the original Bold 9000?

  15. Sounds decent, though no joy if your choice of carrier is limited by corporate to Verizon. No doubt a CDMA/LTE version will launch at some point, but likely 3-6 months after ATT and TMO launch this one. If it doesn’t run Android or iOS, Verizon seems to be showing little interest in either finally releasing upgrades to the BlackBerry 6 devices they DO have now, or getting something new (aka Storm3) to market.

  16. i noted elsewhere…

    6.1 announced last night, and then 3 6.1 new devices “leaked”? Coincidence?

  17. Looks awesome for a BB but still lacking technically compared to other devices.

  18. I want to see this show up in a Rogers database or something now lol

  19. According to the new BGR post on the 2011 line-up, the Dakota will be the first one to be released! WOO! Q1 or Q2 please!

  20. Been waiting on the this beauty to drop!

    If it comes to AT&T i will def. get it!!!!

    touchscreen and keyboard in the same space. no need to slide anything just touch and type 😀

    i loved my 9000 when i had it.
    i have a 9700 now, but im ready for that nice spacious keyboard that the first bold had.

    RIM this is what im talking about. all you andriod and iphone traitors you’ll be back 😉 lol

  21. Wow, the carbon fiber cover is amazing, see more pics here:

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