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The New BlackBerry Marvell Tavor MG-1 800Mhz Processor

BlackBerry Torch guts

A few months ago I wrote up about RIM’s love story with the Marvell PXA930 Processor from Marvell. That same 624Mhz processor has been in GSM BlackBerrys since the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and was getting VERY old since it came out in 2008. Now we finally have rumors that RIM is upgrading the processor (at least in the refreshed Curve line) to a 800Mhz Marvell Tavor MG-1 CPU. At first I thought “Finally RIM is getting with the program.” Turns out there is a little more to the story…

The Marvell Tavor MG-1 CPU seems to also be known as a PXA930 processor. Sound familiar? Yeah it is seems to be a faster clocked version of the 624Mhz PXA930 processor that we have had for the last few years. The 800Mhz version of the Tavor PXA930 actually also came out in 2008 and started shipping in phones during 2009. On the other hand I am still kind of confused since this report has the BlackBerry Torch running a slightly modified PXA940 processor

Either way it looks like RIM finally found a way to stuff a faster processor into the upcoming BlackBerry line without having to move to a new architecture. Nice going team RIM! I am hoping that BlackBerry 6.1 won’t even have a hourglass in the OS. 🙂

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  1. That Bold 9000 form touch screen is me all the way 🙂

  2. Torch 2 with a 1.2 ghz processor!!! ftw

  3. info overload.. 3 new phones leaked, 6.1 announced last night.. woo!

  4. I am sure somehow rim will manage to get it to hourglass lol

  5. RIM is trying to step their game with these devices and loving it

  6. I think hour glass will be a part and parcel but perhaps its just less prominent and rarer appearance.

  7. does any other company use marvell processors?

  8. I’m not surprised RIM isn’t moving off Marvel processors for BlackBerry OS smartphones. It’s looking like smartphones will stay on Marvel’s, while QNX based devices (PlayBook and eventually smartphones) will be TI ARM based. Not good news for Marvel’s future…

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