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RIM announces BlackBerry 6.1 Application Platform At Devcon Asia

blackberry61It looks like BB OS 6.0 will be around for a while since RIM just announced that they are working on an update to V6.1. This means that will likely see the next batch of BlackBerry devices from RIM rocking this OS 6.1 not a QNX version. I can deal with that BB6 for a while if RIM can add more power to the devices.

New features:

  • Magnetometer / Digital compass APIs
  • Open GL-ES 2.0
  • Window API (overlay native app surfaces)
  • Event-based geo-fencing location APIs
  • Enhancement to barcode API’s for additional formats and custom decoding
  • and MUCH MORE

Finally it looks like RIM will be supporting Open GL-ES 2.0 on BlackBerry which should give developer better tools to develop rich content and better gaming applications for this future devices. They did mention that 6.1 developers tools will be available soon and will likely see OS 6.1 in the next two quarters.

Source: CB

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  1. hey if they can get 6.1 on the torch maybe i’ll hang onto the torch until a qnx device comes out!
    i know many will be angry that the next devices won’t be immediately qnx, but did you think they were going to scrap os6 already?

    hopefully they get some os 6.1 devices out that are “QNX Ready”. That’d be my strategy

  2. What this tells ME is we are soon to be hearing of new model smartphones running “traditional” BlackBerry OS, NOT QNX. Seems to me magnetometer and possibly digital compas are going to need some underlying hardware that isn’t known to exist in any current devices.

    And I’d be HIGHLY skeptical any device that comes out under BlackBerry “traditional” OS is going to have a QNX upgrade path. RIM has made it known in pretty certain terms that QNX OS is going to need dual core, and that dual core smartphones that can meet RIM’s hardware parameters just aren’t here yet. MIGHT we some day see a dual core BlackBerry smartphone with satisfactory battery life launch without QNX but a QNX upgrade comes later? Sure, anything’s possible, the Storm was SUPPOSED to launch with OS 5.0 but instead launched with the bastard child that was 4.7. I just don’t think it’s likely, and we really shouldn’t get our hopes up that a QNX upgrade path is in the cards for any devices that exist now or are launched within the next 6-12 months. RIM’s too picky (in a good way) about stuff like battery life and the like to put out a phone that has to be charged 2 or 3 times to make it through a full day of use.

  3. fair enough, we shall have to wait and see

  4. Hmm for torch?

  5. Yay! Open-GL! And Compasses!

    But, I have more than a year left in my current contract. So, I bet I will be getting a QNX phone before I get one of these. I doubt that 6.1 will come to the 9700…

  6. its good to know that chances are going to be pretty good that current os6 devices will be able to upgrade to this os instead of having to go get a new phone like the 8530 users did with the 9330

    • yeah kevin from CB seemed to have come to this conclusion as well. it makes sense.. they touted the torch as the OS6 device.. it’d be kind of silly if they said it couldn’t be upgraded to 6.1 lol

  7. I definitely think the 6.0 needs a bit of tweaking. Hopefully 6.1 addresses some of the things that I find a bit annoying (to much home screen movement. Something more unilateral suits my taste)

    Looking forward to it though 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to see what all/new devices will be running 6.1.

  9. was it a coincidence that 6.1 was announced last night, and then 3 6.1 devices leaked today?

  10. If they’ve optimized some of the lag then it’ll fly on a 1.2 ghz cpu

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