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eBay Mobile Sales on the Rise – 300% Increase in 2010

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When RIM first worked with eBay to release an app for BlackBerry I was wondering how many people would actually use to app to purchase products. It looks like eBay’s mobile plans are a smashing success. They have seen a 300%+ increase in gross mobile sales from $600 million to $2 billion in 2010. The holiday season was especially good for eBay in the mobile market.

According to TechCrunch a healthy portion of these sales were overseas with the UK topping Europe and combined with Germany generated almost one third of all mobile sales in 2010. Some other cool facts:

  • 13 pieces of clothing, pairs of shoes and accessories are sold every minute through eBay’s mobile apps worldwide
  • 94 bids are made every minute via eBay’s mobile apps worldwide

If you want to get in on the craziness you can pick up eBay’s free BlackBerry app in App World at this link.

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  1. hmm not sure if i would risk losing an auction by going through a mobile app. as most probably do, i’m not bidding until the very end

  2. im sure all online buying is up a good percent or two 😉

  3. I just wish they would add the ability to add feedback after receiving your purchase. Other than that this app is nice.

  4. 94 bids per minute average is pretty impressive. Unless ebay somehow tanks, I’m betting by next year that number will be 5+ times that number.

  5. I can tell u have have contributed to this. I have purchased a lot of items while on lunch at work.

  6. great if you trust that you will get what they say of you win the bid. I guess there are legitimate “stores” on ebay though…

    • its usually pretty easy to decipher the legit from the scammers… ive been on there since 2001 and never been screwed ever yet.

      • Very true. While at first launch there were plenty of scammers looking to game the system, not so much now. Ebay is pretty well cleaned up. There’s still a few who try to hide behind fine print and scams, but an attentive shopper skips right past those.

  7. I admit this could be useful if a certain auction closes at an odd time of the day,, say when you’re at work, or on the road..

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