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Are BlackBerrys and Technology to Blame?


Over and over again we keep on hearing about how technology, like our beloved BlackBerry, is causing issues in family dynamics. I was just reading an article by Elizabeth Bernstein on the WSJ titled “Your BlackBerry or your Wife” which got the topic started in my head again. We have Bernstein advocating a “Tech Fast” or “Tech Detox” that will help your family reconnect. I am not sure how I feel about that. I do my best to not allow technology to come between me and my wife but technology has become so much of what I do I really can’t imagine going on a “Fast” or “Tech Diet” for a week as Bernstein suggests some do.

On the other hand as a religious Jew I have a predetermined tech fast once a week. From sun down on Friday to sun down on Saturday every week I turn off all my gadgets for Shabbat. For one day a week I know that my BlackBerry will be off, I won’t be connected, and I just relax at home with family and friends. There is a sweet peace of mind that I find each week though I have many friends who think its crazy that my “CrackBerry” is off for 25 hours every week. I kind of find it amazingly peaceful to just have everything turned off for a bit.

I am not advocating that everybody take a tech fast but I am curious to know how many of you have your own variant of the “tech fast”? Do you even think it is a good idea? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I don’t have one but I noticed that am not as attached to it as I used to be which is good GF doesn’t like me on it all the time.

  2. My gf and I both are avid bbm users. We message our hell way out 😀

  3. I think a tech fast is a great idea, especially since my wife says all I care about is my 9700.

  4. On the other hand, technology does connect people. People you may have lost touch with over the years, are suddenly easily accessible on Facebook for example.

    People are quick to blame technology. If you require to turn off tech. in order to want to talk to your loved ones, i think there are deeper issues.

  5. funny enough, i just posted an article in the forum about Arianna Huffington getting kicked off a plane because she didn’t want to turn off her phone. lol

  6. a tech fast is a good idea since my wife is always bbm’ing or on facebook.
    b4 we got married we would bbm more often. but now that were married she’s on her 9700 more then i am on mine.

    I tryd to tone it down. got rid of facebook so no more updates all the time. and on bbm no one really hits me up unless they need sumthing.

    i brought her form the iphone world she would always be on her iphone ->facebook, texting, web browsing and taking pictures. she always heated my berry(8310) then i upgraded to a 9700, she eventually got over her iphone love since me and the rest of the ppl we hang out with had blackberry’s, and now i cant get her off it!.

    dont think she can last a day or a week but she really needs a “tech fast”

  7. Yes, the once-a-week tech fast is probably very therapeutic for us. Although many suffer from a syndrome whereby they think they feel their phone vibrate, even on the Sabbath.

    For a good entertaining spin on this issue, you should check out Modern Family Season 2 Episode 5 (90-second preview). It’s a good laugh – especially if you’re a Modern Family fan. But then you’ve probably seen it already.

    • lol 🙂 i always feel my phone vibrate even when its in the bedroom and im in the living room. i sometimes go to the store and forget my phone @ home but i swear i feel something vibrating while im shoping. smh

      funny but true.

    • lol, i find the vibrate on my torch rather weak, so i’m constantly checking even if i don’t even think it vibrated.

  8. if we look at it as an “addiction”, im not sure if fasting helps. if you’re that addicted, aren’t you just thinking about the next time you’ll be able to check your phone?

    i think with tech, you can either live with it or you can’t. having little breaks seems kind of pointless.

  9. I can see it causing problems if you’re involved with someone and your main focus are your Gadgets. If its work related I can understand up to a point. I wouldn’t think one need to take such a drastic measure as fasting a week or so. Just use good judgment and be considerate. Don’t make it take over your life. What goes for one can surely go for the other. I myself hardly find the time to be on my Gadgets as before since I have a 1yr Daughter now in the picture.

  10. I probably have my berry “turned off” for a combined 25hrs a week. Usually when I’m out in the shop I’ll “turn all connections off” and use it for listening to podcasts but won’t be bothered by constant bbms and txts from people that are “bored”. I get annoyed very easily and with so many people getting mad at you if you don’t respond right away turning it “off” is soo nice.

  11. My wife has gotten irritated at me for being on my BB… but I try to ignore it unless I am expecting an important response to an email etc.

    I haven’t considered taking a fast from my BB. It would complicate things somewhat since I have no land-line…

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