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QNX Shows Off Concept Car With PlayBook Integration

QNX playbook

I somehow missed this concept car at the RIM booth @CES but thankfully Tim over @Engadget caught it all on video. QNX was showing off a concept car using their OS which also integrates with a BlackBerry PlayBook, smartphone, and even an iPhone. The integration with the PlayBook that they showed Engadget was kind of weak (climate controls that are replicated on the in dash screen) but hopefully this will have some cool ramifications in future cars.

I am not sure how QNX and RIM will get around the Bluetooth dilemma I mentioned earlier in the day but my Wi-Fi hotspot solution would fit in perfectly. If the PlayBook is paired with the QNX car over Bluetooth it cannot be simultaneously bridged with a BlackBerry Smartphone for email and contacts. The PlayBook would make for some sweet in car entertainment but I am not sure what the integration with the cars OS would bring to the table.

Either way it should be interesting to see what RIM and QNX come up with for future car integrations with BlackBerry devices. What would you want to see them do?

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  1. I’m really impressed by what I’ve read about the QNX os. It seems to be a good fit for a tablet.

  2. Well, its still not a bad concept

  3. Lovely…now not only can you be distracted from driving by your smartphone, but your tablet too! I’m sure glad I’m not on the road much with all the increasingly distracted drivers.

  4. Cool idea. I’d like to see more of this integration. Should cut down on those fashionable suction cups and mounts all over the place.

  5. Looks really cool! Although like Ronen has said, I am concerned about only being able to have one bluetooth device connected at a time. Outside driving what if you wanted to use a bluetooth keyboard to write an email?

  6. Nice concept, but I see this being a distraction to an irresponsible person. Don’t get me wrong I love how car companys are getting us to spend more money on their cars. I feel like cars with this gadgets in them if intergreted should come with a warning label, and b4 u buy the car u need to take a safty class.

    • well that’ll probably never happen. if they make the controls simple, i don’t see how it can be much more distracting than having a GPS or even the car radio..

      it probably will have a safety label as most GPSes have that warning screen at start up i think

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