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BlackBerry PlayBook’s “Bridged” Email Interface

One of the things that I am still wondering about the PlayBook is how the Bluetooth “Bridge” between the PlayBook and the BlackBerry will work in real life. While at the show I noticed that it was blazing fast which is not typically seen over Bluetooth connections especially in a crowded areas like the show floor. It was also kind on the battery life of the Torch. So much so that during the 2-3 hours I was floating around the booth the demo BlackBerry Torch only went down about 5-10% battery (hard to tell because the device only measures in 5% increments until you hit 10% remaining).

IMG_2672 IMG_2822

I managed to snap some good shots of the BlackBerry PlayBook email interface while bridged @CES to share with you all. There is nothing crazy new about it since the left hand side looks almost exactly like BlackBerry 6 and mirrors what is shown on the device. The right hand side is just a preview screen and was fast to switch between emails unlike the current BlackBerry 6 OS versions. While connected over the bridge you will see a blue thunder bolt like icon on the top of the BlackBerry smartphone as you see below:

IMG_2728 IMG_2729

Here are some more snaps of the email interface in full screen view


IMG_2823 IMG_2826


I tried catching some shots of the calendar but they did not come out for some reason. Here is a shot of BBM just to round out the picture though you can get a better feel on all of this in our video walkthrough. I copied it below for reference. Email is what made RIM great and I think it is a shame that it is not native in the PlayBook OS. Still I trust that RIM has worked out the usability of this and hopefully it will seem like second nature in real life use. So what do you think of the BlackBerry PlayBook email interface over the “Bridge”?

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  1. It’s always so much different when you see a hand in the show. I really want to just hold one. I want a usable screen size.

  2. It was confirmed that it would have native apps coming wasn’t it

  3. One of the interviews on the Official Blackberry Blog mentions that email will definitely be native in the near future.

  4. And there’s definitely a gmail app I wonder how robust it is

    • Why do you need a gmail “app” when the thing has a great browser with flash and html5? I mean do you have an “app” on your pc for gmail? The playbook will change the way we think of mobile internet access. No more needing thousands of apps to do the same thing you can do better in a browser. I know the main reason apps were created was to display the page data in a readable way on a smaller screen. But at 7″ and 1024×600 resolution with a full (not “mobile”) browser you won’t have a need for alot of the apps out there.

      I for one cannot wait for this to be announced for orders. I will be one of the first ones to get one, very unlike me. The only thing that has me skeptical is the tethering for mobile internet. I am glad they are not releasing a 3G/WIFI version right now because the last thing I need is ANOTHER data plan. I mean I already have one on my torch, so why not just tether my playbook to it and have fun!

      • Oh i totally agree. The browser gives you all those services with a desktop-like quality.

        I’m just speaking to those that feel its an absolute need.

        the one area where an app is helpful is calendar though. something that would be integrated into the tablet’s system.

        Don’t get me wrong, i’ll be there with ya picking it up on day one, just from the stuff i’ve seen!

  5. Until one lands in someones hand for a review then we’ll all be guessing. If you watched the video from CB you’ll hear the guy say about 6 times that certain applications weren’t completed yet and wouldn’t load when selected. Yes it would be stupid for a BlackBerry device to not have the basic native apps. So I’m sure in due time, we’ll get to see what we all want.

  6. I’m so looking forward to this device, I’ve been waitingsince DevCon 2010 when they mentioned it. I even did a sales presention as my project for my intro to business class. I was able to conveinence over 90% of the class to wait for the blackberry playbook. My was professor was convienced he need a blackberry in his life and gave me a 38 out of 40. If I had the money, the time and was good in writting I would start a website about blackberries too but there are to many of those already.

    Getting back to the bridge app, I’m just hoping RIM has bluetooth link secured. Yes, I know they know what their doing and I know security is their strong suite but still last I heard it was easy to hack a bluetooth signal.

    Now I know what RIM meant by AMPLIFIED, the bridge is what makes ur blackberry amplified.

  7. Stoked to try this out! I have some reservations, but it is definitely worth at LEAST trying. I want to get a PlayBook at launch, but I am not an early adopter, so I am having a battle with myself.

    I wonder if there will be file transfer options from BB to PB via bluetooth or cable…

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