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Will the BlackBerry PlayBook Have a Replaceable Battery?

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I have had quite a few readers ask me if the PlayBook’s battery was user replaceable. The standard line I have heard from RIM reps is that the have not finalized the current design but a user replaceable battery may be in the final design. The current PlayBook models that RIM has been letting us touch at CES does not have a user replaceable battery which is interesting. For years RIM has prided itself with offering user replaceable batteries on their phones. It looks like they may be moving away from that with the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Having a integrated battery allows RIM to keep the size of the device much smaller which has its perks. On the other hand it means that you cannot carry around an extra battery for longer life. This is one of the struggles Apple users have had for years with their integrated batteries. If the battery dies you have to send it in for expensive repair. You also cannot easily change it for a longer life battery.

It should be interesting to see how RIM handles the battery on the PlayBook. I would love if it were user replaceable but I am not sure if it is as necessary if RIM makes sure that the PlayBook can survive a FULL day of hard use aka 8-10 hours of full time use. RIM has a pretty solid record with battery life when compared with other companies so I do not think we will have to worry but there is a chance RIM will surprise us with a user serviceable battery.

The other thing I noticed while demoing the PlayBook was that the Bluetooth bridge with the PlayBook did not seem to drain the BlackBerry 9800’s battery. Pretty impressive on RIM’s part considering how much data needs to be transferred between the devices.

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  1. Not a deal-breaker (for me anyway). I always assumed, looking at pics, that it would be integrated.

  2. Just read the part about the bluetooth battery not draining… how long were you able to test this?

  3. I am not at all concerned with replaceable battery. Its not my phone. I would rather carry around a spare battery pack that via microUSB can recharge this and my phone and other gear then carry around a spare PlayBook specific battery.

  4. I think this might be a deal-breaker for some. I’m not a big tablet guy so I don’t know – what do the others (Galaxy Tab, etc) have?

    This post reminded me of when I had to try to replace the non-replaceable battery on my Palm Zire 72.

    • i think its pretty standard (ipad, tab) to not have a user-replaceable in order to have the tablet as thin as possible. it would be nice for RIM to be able to offer this as another advantage but I think it should be fine for most people.

      the biggest question for people is the actual battery life and if it’ll last people a whole day.

  5. How about the battery casing etc… I still remember having some bb series with bad battery doors….

  6. It doesn’t matter to me either way. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  7. My concern is that BlackBerrys run on the ‘Battery Pull’ reset.

    How are we to fully reset the device without battery access?

    Or has RIM totally redone this with QNX?

    • I remember reading something about QNX, and how its microkernel structure would eliminate this need. I couldn’t fully grasp it, but it sounded like this:
      – microkernal os’es are such that each app, etc has its own user space. that means if one crashes, it doesn’t need to restart the entire OS for it to get back.
      – microkernels also boot up ALOT faster because of this.
      – because QNX is used in alot of integrated systems (medical equipment for example), they’re required to run for long periods of time without needing to reboot.

  8. the battery pulls was one of my questions for this, but as far as battery replacements, im sure blackberry and casemate will design something useful then

  9. Having a removable battery isn’t a deal breaker for me. But it would be nice to be able to have a reserve battery. You don’t always have a charger or an outlet available for charging. *Patiently waiting*

  10. I’m more concerned if I will be able to replace the battery myself rather than sending it back to RIM to be replaced.

  11. Whether or not it lasts a full day, it definitely should have an easily replaceable battery.

    Otherwise you could find yourself with a dead battery and needing to shell out major $s to get it replaced.

  12. I think it would be nice for it to have a replaceable battery but it wouldn’t stop me from getting a PlayBook. @fubaz I also wondered about doing full resets if the battery is locked in.

  13. I agree with the captain. It would be nice for the PB to have a replaceable battery but this will not stop me from getting one. I will be a very happy person if I never see an hourglass show up on another screen and hope to never see it on the Playbook

  14. here’s where i found that info on QNX’s real time operating system

    its actually quite an old article, but it is very positive about its potential

  15. definitely will but this one…

  16. I think a huge feature would allowing the Playbook to charge my BB phone.

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