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Why RIM has to Allow PlayBook App Installation Without App World

Screen shot 2011-01-09 at 6.19.02 PM One of the things that really irks me about RIM’s currently announced PlayBook strategy is that they have been coy about how to get apps on the PlayBook. According to RIM they are currently saying the PlayBook at launch will only support installing apps through App World. This is drastically different from the current BlackBerry OS which allows for sideloading apps to your BlackBerry through 4+ other methods like OTA downloads, desktop installs, SD card installs, and BES app policy pushes.

The reason I think that RIM cannot maintain this policy of only allowing app installs through App World is because of corporate customers. Corporate clients will not want to have to upload their apps to App World for their employees to install them. There is also no word on how RIM will be deploying and improving the BES server policies and rules to handle the PlayBook. I think we will be definitely hearing more before launch but I really hope RIM launches the PlayBook with a way to “sideload” apps. Otherwise we will be stuck in a situation similar to Apple users where only RIM approved apps will be able to be installed on the device. That is one reason I steer clear of any iOS devices. History tells us that RIM will not go down this path but I hope they add alternatives at launch for sideloading apps.

What do you think? Is the ability to sideload  or OTA install apps on the PlayBook important to you?

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  1. If RIM only allows app downloads via appworld, they are going to be missing out on a huge world of apps

  2. I don’t think so. If corporations want you to have an app, IT would install it for them like every Corp that I know. IT has a stronghold on what can and cannot be installed on company-owned software.

    I don’t think they would lose sales. They would lose MORE sales by allowing other portals. Piracy. At least app world does a good job at trying to prevent this as much as possible. Other portals don’t care, in my opinion. They just want money.

    Just sayin

    • App world uses the same piracy controls as any other system but restricts you more as a user. Not in your own benefit. For example, you cannot store an older version of a software you buy like you can with other systems.
      The thing is that if RIM restricts app installs to App World then your IT would not be able to install apps for you because they would have to get their apps approved into App World to install them… Circular argument. 🙂

  3. It is possible that RIM may approach this issue, by building in the functionality that corporations need into AppWorld, rather than the OS.

    There are some advantages to having one way to load apps, in that every application can be found in the same place. Currently the most useful third party BlackBerry Application (Google Maps) is not available through BlackBerry AppWorld. This is not good for anyone involved…

  4. its starting to sound like apple

  5. If Appworld improves, i won’t care. At least it will be all unified in one location rather than 50 app stores that all seem to be mobihand anyway.

  6. The sad thing is that there are numerous times App World or the Developer sites say that an app isn’t available for a specific device. But I have them loaded and they work fine. Even when you contact their support to say, “hey, this works, release it and update your info”, they don’t do it. So sticking to just App World would be a bad idea. I try not to even have it on my device!

  7. And what about the countries were AppWorld is restricted?

  8. App “World” is one of the first things I tend to remove. Due to its bloated, unstable and non user friendliness…

    Why would any sane person not make this device “open”?

  9. Yeah it would be a real shame if RIM limited us to app world. One of BlackBerrys many strengths is the lack of limitation to one app store and anybody with a webserver can offer apps to install.

    • BlackBerry smartphones are HUGE within the USA Defense Department. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that DoD security types are going to all a device to access their resources if they can’t a) lock it down by policy, b) install apps directly from a control computer or remote push, and c) restrict ALL software install (i.e. totally block App World and the likes).

      Can’t see ANY US Gov’t agency (or most any government actually) adopting PlayBook if app installs must all be via and can only be via App World.

  10. I think we all know that we will/should be able to side load the apps via USB. If they don’t implement this at launch they are going to fail.

    And with the adaption of a BES policy adapted for it, it would be nice to see OTA server pushes to the device, only issue is, is that it requires a connection via a BB….. RIM needs to make this product more versatile or it will launch DOA.

  11. It seems like they will have to make some method of allowing BES users/companies get their own custom apps on their devices…

  12. Personally I really think restricting installs to only appworld is a terrible idea. It takes a lot of time and money to get an app approved in appworld and smaller developers might not want to take the time to do so. I personally install via ota, appworld, and the manager. As for its effect on IT I think that this policy will have them thinking twice about deploying playbooks onto their network because of the lack of control they’d have on what apps they can put on the phone. It might end up becoming too risky.

  13. Hate to ask this:
    Playbook doesn’t have microsd slot right?

    Maybe, it will pretty much affect us…

    As for me, yes, it will affect me!

  14. I just tried appworld 2.1

    still don’t like it.. some apps for some reason i can’t download (NBA Gametime for instance). it says my carrier doesn’t allow me to download it? Im on rogers

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