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BlackBerry Still Dominating Enterprise Market


The latest report from TNS-US gives us a little insight into RIM’s enterprise market share in the US. RIM still has a crazy lead ahead of the competition with a dominating 81% of companies with 1,000+ employees. Apple and Android are starting to nick at RIM’s heels in the small business market with RIM only holding 69% share of all businesses in the US. Obviously RIM has a bit of a stranglehold on the enterprise market and the BlackBerry PlayBook will only help further that. The main thing RIM needs to fix is to make their devices more appealing (aka feature appeal) to users instead of relying on IT departments to enforce their use.

You really have to compare these numbers to the total smartphone share TNS is reporting in the US with 37% BlackBerry users, 28% iPhone users, and 19% Android users. RIM needs some hot devices to start making a hit in the consumer and small business market. This is especially so now that Android and iPhone have full Exchange sync while BlackBerry users have to pay for a BES plan and setup a BES Express server to get full Exchange sync.

via Electronista

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  1. Be careful: BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express doesn’t REQUIRE a BlackBerry Enterprise Server data plan. You can do without it, you just can’t do a wireless Enterprise Activation. Once the initial connection is made, it does pretty much the same stuff.

    • Ah I forgot about that. I am still getting dicked by AT&T for $10 a month extra for an enterprise plan. Tried nixing it a few months back and my BES connection died. Real shmucks at AT&T and shame on RIM for allowing them to price it more when it is on a metered plan like the 2GB or 200mb AT&T plans.

      • Hey! You’re not allowed to say “dicked” on the Internet! 😀

        Yeah, data plans are outrageous. Luckily I have a corporate Berry and the company foots the bill.

  2. Ummm, last time I checked, iOS and Android do not have “Full exchange sync.”

    Where’s my tasks, calendar and memopad???

  3. apple will try to snare some of this market, but i don’t see them catching on for a while

  4. Full PIM data sync is available on Blackberrys without having to use BES.
    There are solutions for Exchange and IMAP involving Activesync and SyncML.

  5. RIM will always rule the enterprise division. Unless they get bought out my MS or Nokia…..

    They have the most solid backbone and the best communication technology.

    Its just fanbois who are young IT people that convince their bosses to switch to media phones so they can have Fart Apps.

    • Agreed. The media phones won’t catch on with corporate users until they can match the simplicity and ease in the most important areas (email, calendar). Not to mention a real keyboard.

  6. That’s what up for RIM.

  7. I think that’s where the disconnect is from the everyday (non-corporate) user. We want that new shiny touchscreen iphonish super phone, but businesses and coproations are still sticking with the stable BB platform for a reason.

  8. though the everyday user wants style and games, think of all the business out that that have to give their employees phones. No one else competes

  9. The point of the report is RIM is losing ground in corporate. A year ago I bet Android and Apple barely registered compared to RIM. IT departments are not deaf to the fact every BlackBerry smartphone on the market today is using 3+ year old technology. At its core even the newest 9780 is hardly different I side from my Storm that began design development in 2008 or earlier.

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