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BlackBerry PlayBook Has Two Charging Ports – USB and Magnetic

I have had a few readers asking me what ports are available on the BlackBerry PlayBook so I thought I would clear the air. There are two different ways to charge the BlackBerry PlayBook. The coolest one is based on the same magnetic system as the MagSafe adapters on the current MacBook laptops. It attaches to the BlackBerry PlayBook using a magnet so it immediately disconnects when pulled for safety. Kinda cool!

IMG_2678 IMG_2677

The BlackBerry PlayBook also has a MicroUSB port which can also charge the PlayBook. The thing is that only the MicroUSB connection can be used for data transfer. The magnetic charger above does not do data. The last port on the BlackBerry PlayBook is the Mini-HDMI port which allows you to connect the PlayBook to any HDMI monitor.

There are cheap looking media control buttons on the top of the device but I think they are the least aesthetically pleasing/matching part on the PlayBook. If I were RIM these buttons should be rubberized and not look so cheap….


Let us Know if you have any other questions. I am currently on a plane crossing from Vegas to New York so I may not be able to answer until I get some shut eye. 🙂

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  1. Btw, will playbook allow a bb to be hooked up via cable?

  2. Good question! Honestly I have never seen a MicroUSB to MicroUSB cable but maybe RIM would come up with one… 🙂

  3. The playbook is shaping up to be the best tablet for 2011 can’t wait till it’s release.

  4. I agree mellos, the Playbook is definitely shaping up to be a very impressive device from what we’ve seen so far.

    That said, I’m pleased to see that the Playbook will be using a MicroUSB for charging and not a proprietary charger. Between PCs, smartphones, GPS units, bluetooth headsets, and other devices, it is becoming increasingly easier to find a compatible charger in the event you forget yours. I have at least 3 or 4 micro/usb chargers and have cross-used them multiple times when I forgot my bb charger.

  5. That’s great to know.

  6. I’m guessing this setup would allow you to charge and to have some kind of USB drive active at the same time? If so, this would a great setup!

  7. its nice they are keeping the usb also so that can leave external batteries available if they choose to keep the current design

  8. Magnetic sounds interesting. Makes me think RIM is really looking toward the future.

  9. Interesting, I had no idea about the magnetized power cord. Although it is sort of weird that it is a strange plug on the end of it. Why couldn’t they just make it a magnetized MicroUSB?

  10. Huh, interesting. So it can charge and transfer data at the same time? What happens if you have both plugged in? Faster charging or just switches to the magnetized port?

  11. So you can’t use the micro USB to both charge and use the device at the same time?

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