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Hands On with the BlackBerry PlayBook Media Player

Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis have been talking big about the BlackBerry PlayBooks media experience. I was impressed with their demonstrations but not as much as when I saw it with my own eyes. You really have to check out this video below. I play video on my BlackBerry Torch regularly and it usually slows my device to a crawl until I close the player. From what Cody showed me during this hands on the PlayBook will be running circles around my BlackBerry Torch. I even caught a video demo (non playable) of Quake running on the BlackBerry PlayBook. Now if only we could get a Dual Core BlackBerry Torch…

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  1. I gotta start saving my money!

  2. When he talked about BBM, he had to tap the screen 4 times to make the keyboard show up.

  3. Very smooth. I’m impressed. This blows everything else off that is on the market now. And they haven’t even reached it’s full capabilities yet.

  4. Nice experience. I hope to have one soon.

  5. I wouldn’t want them to rush the product, but I just would like to know an exact date of when I can burn my engine on getting to the store to get one…

  6. It looks great. Seeing as all the software isn’t complete (which they’ve stated in several of the videos) I can see the potential and it will be working smoothly when it’s released.

  7. I can hear all the Apple and Android fanpeople now. “Quake? Psh. Tell me when it can run Crysis.”

  8. I’m pretty impressed with most of the videos we’ve seen with respect to the polish and UI of the apps we’ve seen. BUT, I’m not trying to be a naysayer, if you step back and use a critical eye you see in almost EVERY video UI elements not swiping in follow fingers, apps and other UI elements not launching when clicked, etc. It’s OBVIOUS the whole OS needs a LOT of work and I’m actually MORE pessimistic about a launch date than I was before CES. I’ve looked at EVERY video I can find of someone hands on from CES, and in not a single video does the experience look even close to user ready. I honestly would relate where it looks to be right now almost with where the Storm was at launch. ALMOST.

    I sure hope RIM is putting 24/7 effort into this, because if it launches with a “not ready” OS like the Storm did, It’ll be another flop.

    Sorry to sound so pessimistic this morning guys…

    • Not sure what you’re seeing.. it looks incredibly responsive in most videos. I think what you see sometimes is in the “card” view, the person isn’t waiting for the cards to come to a stop before pressing, so it doesn’t register that time. If you don’t think that’s user ready, I’m not sure what to say. Noone as far as i know that previewed it had anything but great things to say about the UI.. Most complimented it

  9. Multitasking score! And I’m loving the animation/UI of the Playbook. So far so good Blackberry. 🙂

  10. Very impressed. I’m glad RIM is highlighting this advantage for the Playbook. I don’t think any other can boast it.. looks like QNX’s microkernal OS at work.

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