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CES 2011 Photo Gallery Stream (Updating)

We are trying something new this year and streaming all of the pictures we take at CES directly to this post. No promises on how well it will work with the shoddy connections here at CES but hopefully it will! I am about to head to the BlackBerry booth so let me know if there is something you want to see!

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  1. May I ask about the Storm Troopers?

  2. I have no idea. All of a sudden I was surrounded by like 20 of them!

  3. I was just about to post about those Storm Troopers as well. Maybe having Storm Troopers is the new, politically-correct way of indicating “you are now entering an all-geek zone.”

  4. Uh oh no camera flash.. That’s a bummer
    Never used an 85** or 93** phone. any word on how useless 1080p recording on the playbook is in the dark?

    • i have to tell u, my WORSE experience for bb was on 85xx and 93xx, even 8900 and 8320 trumps it in many aspects.

      I suppose u could use a torch’s Led as a torch for the playbook.. haha

    • Why should it have flash? It’s a tablet computer not a camera.

      • So by that logic it shouldn’t have a rear camera at all? I could actually agree with that. Everyone that buys a PlayBook is going to already have a smartphone anyway, far more versatile for taking pics than a 7″ tablet IMHO. So keep the front facing cam for video chat a dump the rear. Stop wasting resources on making the PlayBook into a good “camera” and seriously who the heck cares to record “full HD” video onto their tablet? The screen can’t even display it (not enough pixels). How about focus efforts on things that aren’t just niche BS that only a marginal few will ever use more than once.

        • Hehe. David.. 🙂

          Then again, having it is a plus nonetheless.

          Cant wait for official release date.. Really scrimping and saving on my end now. 😡

  5. You are so lucky to be there… 🙂

    • Yeah I am counting my blessings!
      The room was a bit dark and the pictures still came out clear which was impressive for such a tiny camera.
      I loved the storm troopers. Something about Star Wars coming out on Blu Ray I think…

  6. I’m actually kinda bummed about this CES. All the carrier’s have had their press conferences and not a hint of a new BlackBerry. Maybe RIM just decided to focus on PlayBook at CES, and we might get some smartphone hints at MWC in Barcelona? (fingers crossed)

  7. CES was a big disappointment! No new devices at all. When will we see one, or should i switch to a droid until 2100 when a new device comes out?

    • Not a surprise at all really. Especially the qnx os on a phone, pretty much anyone could guess that it wouldn’t be ready that quickly. AT&T had the torch recently and Sprint and VZ always tend to lag behind on new handsets (particularly knowing that VZ canned the existing Storm handset).

  8. Just read the news – motorolla xoom is out only after april.. so rim…

  9. Wish I was there to share in the CES magic. Plantronic’s giving out free bluetooth headsets there too via the Blackberry barcode scanner. Try to find em.

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