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BlackBerry PlayBook Hands On Video Paired With a BlackBerry Smartphone

As promised I got a chance to upload the video of our hands on with the BlackBerry PlayBook. Cody Birt from RIM was kind enough to give me a nice demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook while it was paired with a BlackBerry Torch 9800. The pairing is done over Bluetooth through an app that will be released when it comes to market. I am reserving my review until I have some time to write it up but the video covers most of my questions. There are a few follow up videos that I will post soon.

PS: Sorry for the non-HD video but if I took it at any higher resolution I would be here all day uploading it. Let me know if there was something we missed in the video that you wanted to see!

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  1. Ronen,

    Thank you, this what I’ve been waiting to see for a while now. It’s a bit disappointing to hear that the sharing of the data connection, say to browse the web, will not be part of the PIM sync capability.

    • Yeah I am not sure about that one. Cody could not definitely say one way or another. My bet is that it will use some sort of ip modem if you wanted over Bluetooth since RIM already has that built in.

  2. Thanks for the video and very interesting. I’d been wondering about the potential battery drain on the handheld, so that’s encouraging. It seemed to work fairly well, but one thing I haven’t seen is whether you can use the physical keyboard on the handheld and show the text inputting as it happens on the Playbook. It would seem so, but I haven’t seen that demonstrated yet, since everyone seems more concerned to show how well the on-screen Playbook keyboard works (pretty well at that).

    One other worry is that whole BT devices work very well on the Torch, occasionally there will be a struggle (like between my Blueant headset and the Ford Sync system in my car) which seems to lead the connection to drop and re-pair repeatedly, at not quite the irritating level. I wonder if the Bridge connection will be more stable and harder to interfere with.

  3. Been bugging me, can you use the blackberry as an external bluetooth keyboard for the playbook? Like bluctrl and a computer

    I understand that if I was to hold a bbm conversation on my blackberry or send email etc I’d see the msgs getting sent and received realtime. but in for example the browser, can you input keystrokes? And better yet trackpad navigation? In the future?

    I couldn’t imagine the usefulness of having that charging pod without being able to do the above.

    Another q, it seems they will eventually let future playbooks connect to bis/bes without requiring the bridge (when they release 3g/4g versions). My guess is it is harder to rebuild secure apps than it is to build secure link to an external viewer. So instead of pushing back the playbook to give it PIN access they just held the feature back. I hate to say it, but if you’re someone that doesn’t own a blackberry the playbook is just a glorified, EXPENSIVE web browser(expensive for what it would be good for)and media player. You can but a computer for that price, I wouldn’t be able to find a reason to buy a playbook in its current state if I didn’t own a blackberry. Can it happen?

    If not you should tell them to make it happen, lol
    Hopefully they iNclude the provisions necessary (assign separate pin’s to the playbooks, even if they can’t be used/registered yet) to allow a software update to allow 1gen playbooks to have its own bes/bis, separate calendar, mailbox, browser, BBM etc

    • If the user doesn’t have a BB, how is owning a PB any different from owning any other wifi-only Android tablet? Once the apps are there, I would think the experience would be very coparable. Thay being said, I would expect it would initially only appeal to BB owners and there are tons of those potential owners.

  4. The android can do anything it was meant to do whether over 3G or wifi. Nothing is crippled.

    If I turn my mobile radio in my blackberry torch off and leave WIFI on, I can connect to BIS, so why can’t the playbook?

    RIM is the company, Blackberry is the brand name for the features which it represents(BIS/BES). If the playbook can’t do the blackberry features (other than app worlds BBID) without a blackberry smartphone, than it isn’t a blackberry, it is a blackberry smartphone accessory. atleast the 1st gen playbooks are anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still getting one.. But how would you convince someone to get a playbook over a honeycomb tablet if thee only thing the playbook can do is media and web and all else relys on 3rd party apps.

    There’s no way for to receive message notifications from ex: my gmail account, if my blackberry torch is dead. I have to use the web browser.
    Google could make a natuve mail clieent for the playbook, but you alrready know it wouldn’t be half as nice as the one offered on andriod. Same goes for maps. There’s 3rd party mail/chat clients etc too, but why trust 3rd party developers (the jared co) with your info. Email should be available OTB on the pllaybook. And I’m talking Blackberry email
    So why get a 1st gen BlackBerry® Playbook, if your can’t access anything that makes a blackberry better, if you don’t own a BB smartphone

    Didn’t proofread sry if it doesn’t make sense 🙂

  5. Then get a bb smartphone. Haha.

    I believe that bluetooth keyboards that works with blackberries should be compatible. I have a bluetooth keyboard that works with my berry. Can’t wait to try it on pb

  6. I wondered at the time of the aggressive price adjustments for the Torch, whether RIM was priming the pump for the Playbook, broadening the size of the pool of ready customers for the tablet. If the Playbook continues on its present arc of presenting, reviewing well (CES is beginning to feel like a coming out party — but that’s no doubt because of my Blackberry-centric p.o.v.) that its eventual release will generate synergistic sales where Blackberry users will incline toward the Playbook, and those independently impressed by the Playbook will take a closer look at well-priced Blackberry handhelds.

    I don’t mean to go all Steve Jobs on it, but these demos wherein the video runs beautifully in the background sure impresses as a valid exercise of power, but how often, if ever, do any of us run videos unseen or shrunken while we multi-task away at emails, documents, etc., on the same device. I figure and hope that while the Playbook is running its high-end pictures and such, I will, at the same time, be able to take and make calls, emails, texts, etc., on the paired Torch.

  7. Well, so far I think the PlayBook has more good traits than bad. 🙂 So far I still want one. The more I see the more I want one! 🙂

    • I totally agree. The only downfall I see is that they’re only introducing this on the Sprint network initially. :s

      • You do realize that the first ones released will be the wifi version that can be tethered on a BB on any carrier, right? The Sprint 4G version won’t come till later and is a separate model than the ones currently on display at CES.

  8. why there were two cables connected to playbook? I can understand one for power, but the other on? what’s that for?

  9. So the PlayBook has it’s own PIN # correct?

    • From the demos so far, I don’t believe it has its own PIN. Looks like BBM is only available when paired with a BB, and not on its own.

    • My guess is the 4G version will have its own PIN, but just a guess. For a wifi tablet, i don’t think it would be necessary.

  10. So, I guess we won’t be needing Tether app for BB/PB.

  11. No GooD

  12. Loving the bluetooth sync between the BB and the Playbook. Very interesting and (a word I don’t use often when it comes to BB) innovative. Really feels like they’re expanding the world of what a Blackberry can be.

  13. Glad I stuck with my Torch!

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