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What Does RIM Have in Store for CES This Week?

I have been on pins and needles this week wondering what RIM has in store for us at CES this week. The show floor opens tomorrow morning and I will be landing in Vegas just when the doors open. According to Jessica over @ CNET the CES show floors are still under construction but RIM has a “Big presence”:

PlayBook CES

While I am excited about the BlackBerry PlayBook news I am really hope RIM has something to say about the next line of BlackBerry Smartphones. Users are dying to know what the next generation of BlackBerry devices will look like along with if they will continue to run BlackBerry 6 or QNX. I have a dream that RIM will blow our minds and announce a new QNX based BlackBerry…

What do you think? Any guesses on what RIM has in store for CES? Either way we should know tomorrow or at the latest by Friday. Here is hoping they have a string of “Shiver Me Timbers” worthy announcements!

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  1. I am staying hopeful!! Blackberry is losing customers left and right because they are standing still while every other cell phone company progresses!! PLEASE introduce a new phone!!!! 4G?

  2. 4g doesn’t equate to much more other than higher plan prices and lower battery life…

    It’s the stuff like gaming, apps and gigantic touchscreens that people want.

    That said, I doubt there will be much news other than the Playbook.

  3. Yeah, until RIM is actually dead I will stick with them. (Partly because I am “locked in” with a pretty sweet deal on T-Mobile using my BlackBerry.) But it would be nice to hear about a multicore, touchscreen, with physical keyboard, 4G phone running QNX!

  4. I want to see more of the PlayBook!! More, more, more!!!!

  5. Want to know the REAL impact of RIM’s acquisition of QNX? Sure the PlayBook will run on QNX— but so will thousands and thousands of other devices! The multitude of QNX devices at CES 2011 makes clear RIM potentially has a RTOS platform for devices touching on almost every possible electronic consumer activity. The acceptance of QNX by GM, GE, NASA, BMW, Audi, Toyota and a host of others, is only the beginning. In a couple years RIM could find itself owner of the defacto platform for embedded markets. And curiously, most folks won’t have a clue their device is driven by a RIM product. How amusing.

    • Yes, we techno geeks sorta get it, but I don’t think the consumer at large or even most of the tech media has an ounce of a clue just how widespread use of QNX is in the embedded space. The question is, can RIM succeed in bringing QNX to the “up close and personal” level to be in your face on your phone all day? All well and good to have an RTOS that times the squirts of fuel and gating of airflow to your car’s engine, it’s a whole different ballgame to be front and center on a smartphone. What we hope is RIM can bring QNX to the forefront instead of it just quietly doing it’s thing behind the scenes and with nary a GUI in sight.

  6. Jessica has an updated tweet linking to this

  7. How about a Verizon and Sprint version of the Torch? Maybe add some 4G and preloaded with Blackberry 6.0 😀

  8. I would love to find out more about the PlayBook!!!

  9. Will the REAL Storm3 PLEASE STAND UP? At this point I don’t even CARE if it’s BlackBerry 5, or 6, or QNX, or whatever. Just PLEASE launch a new touch screen device on Verizon NEXT WEEK!!!

  10. Cnt wait to see what dey have.*Hopeful*

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