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BlueAnt Announces New Bluetooth Speakerphone and Vlingo Integration

Vlingo BlueAnt has been making quality Bluetooth accessories for years. They just announced a new Bluetooth speakerphone for the new year along with a new application powered by Vlingo. The new Bluetooth speakerphone is intended for the value minded consumer and is called the S3 speakerphone. It include premium features like voice answer and auto reconnect which is nice in a speakerphone with a $79.99 retail price.

The new Vlingo integration is also interesting and will start coming with BlueAnt products in this quarter of 2011. Vlingo has supposedly optimized their application for BlueAnt products though I am not quite sure how it will differ from just downloading the current Vlingo app. The only advantage I can see is if BlueAnt ships their version of Vlingo for free to BlueAnt customers instead of the $19.99 price tag Vlingo currently has. Should be interesting to see how this all develops and it is definitely a big win for Vlingo.

You can check out more details about the announcements at

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  1. I wonder if the current blueant headsets will support vlingo too. BTW the website is actually

    • Thanks for catching that! I assume that it will work with older headsets. Wonder how they will limit it to only work with BlueAnt headsets…

      • I dont really think they can limit it to only work with blueant. Maybe they’re just saying that it will exclusively work with blueant to promote blueant but not really make any changes to vlingo itself.

    • Looks like it will be free for all Blueant headset owners! Just got this from them

      Today I am excited to announce that Vlingo has extended its partnership with BlueAnt Wireless! Last spring Vlingo and BlueAnt partnered with Vlingo on its SafeReaderTM application, which enables consumers to hear text and email messages on Blackberry® smartphones and Android 2.0+ devices. But we are now elevating hands-free communications with a fully integrated free application that pairs Vlingo’s speech-enabled virtual assistant solution with BlueAnt’s hallmark voice-control technology and superior sound quality. The BlueAnt application powered by Vlingo will be available free of charge for all BlueAnt products and will be available on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones in Q1 2011.

    • Hopefully, it’ll be a matter of a simple firmware update to the headset. I hope so!

  2. Not sure about Blueants, but I know for sure Plantronics and the Motorola H12 work with Vlingo. You do have to give a few seconds for the headset to sync up with Vlingo before speaking, but it works flawlessly.

  3. Has Vlingo been updated recently? Last time I tried it out it didn’t work that well…

  4. Bluetooth is truly an industry leader. They’ve got the sale for my next bluetooth headset. 🙂

  5. I need to look into this. Bluetooth is the one option my car doesn’t have.

  6. Hmmm…I wonder if this would get my wife to actually USE the BlueAnt SuperTooth 3 I got her?

  7. Wow. This is so lovely. Thanks

  8. Too bad the Vlingo app does not come already built–in with the blackberry device itself. I believe that the Vlingo app is better than the built-in Google voice app offered in android devices. There are various versions of Vlingo for the major devices (BlackBerry, Iphone, Android) but Blackberry’s version is the best.

  9. Ha! I just got a new device. I purchased Vlingo on Dec 23rd 2009. So 14 days ago I had had the application for 1 year. They don’t transfer licenses after 1 year.

    Hello! Cell phone contracts are usually 2 years! Their support has changed my mind about supporting their products.

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