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Eye-Fi Cards to Soon Support Uploading to Smartphones

eye-fi to smartphone

I just put in a new order for a updated Eye-Fi card today to use while at CES so this is great news. According to VentureBeat the Eye-Fi team is bringing direct uploads of photos and videos from your camera to your smartphone over Wi-Fi. The idea is that with a simple firmware upgrade the Eye-Fi card will act as its own hotspot allowing the phone to connect to it and upload the photos using the phones app.

The app can also be used to backup the photos and videos wirelessly but that would quickly eat up your data bucket. It should be interesting to see how this develops. Hopefully Eye-Fi will be bringing this feature along with a BlackBerry app or at the very least a PlayBook app…

What do you think? Would such a feature interest you?

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  1. I think it’s a pretty good idea, although I personally don’t see the need for it. It’s easy for me to transfer from my camera using the USB cord. I would like to see it for Blackberry® and iphone, tho. Especially die the phone because going through iTunes is a pain. *sigh*

  2. To phones and tablets..
    i would stay tune to see how its done

  3. It would be nice to have my pics and vids backed up via wifi, just in case I hadn’t done it for a while using a direct cabled connection.

  4. I guess this would be a neat thing to have. Maybe if RIM would put out some wifi hotspots through their devices, then we might get even more excited.

  5. This would be really neat. I don’t always have my usb cord with me, so having the ability to load/backup via WiFi is great

  6. Cool idea. Uploading camera contents to a smartphone so that you can then upload to sites like Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, etc, on the fly. No need for a computer. One thing that would concern me is the transfer rate, especially since a lot of the point-and-shoot cameras are able to take large photos with high resolution as well as high definition video. These files are not small and it would suck if it took forever and a day to transfer them to your phone.

  7. I agree, it is interesting for several reasons. First, when it comes to taking pictures, cameras and smart phones are the tools being used and the PC or digital picture frame is the end destination. I’ve never thought of using my blackberry as a backup for my camera, despite the fact I could then upload to facebook etc. I’d have to really be in a pinch, without a laptop, critical I get these pictures somewhere…my guess is 2-3 times a year. Second, where would these files go? I wouldn’t want them taking up my internal memory. I think the cooler thing would be Eye-fi cards that can communicate with each other, for example, a microSD card in a Blackberry or an SD card in a digital frame, no computer or wire necessary.

  8. I would just be happy if my WiFi music sync would work more than half the time.

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