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Giveaway: IM+ Talk Win One of 10 Copies

talk_bb_screenshot2IM+ Talk recently came out of beta with some cool features including Skype VoIP calls over 3G and EDGE. The application is currently at v4.3 which allows you to IM your Skype friends or make calls to them.

Some of the key features include:

  • Voice and text communication from BlackBerry handheld with other Skype users and cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles all over the world.
  • No huge data traffic for calls! Now with free VoIP calls in WiFi zones and over 3G/EDGE networks!
  • IM+ Talk works worldwide in any 3G/GSM/CDMA network and is not dependent on WiFi zones.
  • Enjoy high quality of voice communication – clear sound, no extra delays even for long-distance calls!
  • Call Skype users to their PCs. With IM+ Talk you can talk with other Skype users all over the world.
  • Make cost-effective calls to any destination. IM+ Talk allows users to make and receive calls for a low fee.
    Free VoIP calls in wifi zones and over 3G/EDGE networks!
  • One Time Fee, all updates included. One time fee for the application, no monthly subscription. By purchasing IM+ Talk users are entitled to all software updates and upgrades.
  • This product uses Skype but is not endorsed or certified by Skype

The application cost $29.95 and can be purchased over at their website or through the BR store.

Giveaway: We have some free copies to giveaway and all you need to do is leave a comment for a chance to win a copy for yourself.  Shape services has sponsored a giveaway for 10 free copies so big thanks to them and happy holidays to all of our readers.

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  1. first happy holidays to all and good luck to all merry christmas

  2. Great app. I’d like to have a giveaway one )

  3. I would love to win one to call my oversea’s friends and family.
    Happy holidays to all!

  4. Wow, I would love one. Thanks for sharing.

  5. first… MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    Second… good luck for all members. I´d like participate for this aplication.


  6. i have this app for my Ipod touch. its AWESOME,would love it for my Blackberry to!

  7. I would absolutely love to win a copy of this. I hope everyone has a good Christmas, and good luck!

  8. Merry christmas to the whole BR Team. Thank you for this opportunity. This app is very attractive now with the skype calling.

  9. Yes yes! What a lovely app this is! I’ve been using it since v6 and look forward to using this one!

  10. Wow now I would really love to win a copy of this.

    The best app there is now, and only one properly supporting skype.

    Can’t wait.

  11. woooohooooo sign me up … thanks guys

  12. This would be very useful for me to the people that don’t have unlimited calling.

  13. Great to have

  14. Merry Christmas to all and please let Santa pull some strings so I can win this.

  15. Hope I can win this program.

    Very cool app and I really want to use it.

    Thanks for having the contest!

  16. Yes please :)
    Gr8 Xmas Competition…

  17. Woot, BerryReview is on fire with the giveaways.!

  18. Is it battery life hungry?

  19. 1/10 for me ((= Thanks

  20. Sweet. Hope I win a copy.

  21. Merry Xmas all and good luck!

  22. Wholly Molly. This is one amazing giveaway. WOW.

    Merry Ho Ho Ho. Cheers

  23. I would Love to have a giveaway of this app….I bought one previously and it didn’t work well for me on my BlackBerry Storm, and now I hope this new version will come updates that solve my problems…..

    I hope to get one that I will use and them promote amangst my peers……

  24. Just love all the Application made by Shape Services , Have been using im+ from about 5-6 years and just love it.

    Looking forward for im talk and I would really love to Win this wonderful App !

  25. Yes please!!! And A Berry Happy Xmas! :))

  26. Hope to win

  27. Thank you! IM all yours! :)

  28. I would love to get this. Pick me!

  29. Merry holliday

    This would be cool 😉

  30. Great. I would really luv a copy. Make it a holiday to remember.

  31. Would be a great gift!

  32. Great App! i Want to Win!!!

  33. I would love a copy! It would be a great addition to my bb.

  34. What a great app!!! i would love to win this contest, i really need to have all my social app in one, and also this app include Skype that is really important for job. Thanks BR for such a great contest.

  35. I Want to Win This App!!!

  36. Would be awesome to win such a slick app.. Hoping for Christmas luck….

  37. It will be the best christmas gift that i can recieve, i really need this app for my job, it will be really very usefull. Thanks BerryReview for the giveaway

  38. At last Skype chat for BB for us all :-)

  39. Happy new year everyone!!!
    Any IM+ TALK give aways are more than welcome

  40. vivavoip.. grAzie shape

  41. I want to participate. Merry Xmas to all and good luck

  42. im am excited, i can finally use my gtalk, ymessenger, AIM and now skype all in one i can clear a lot of space on my 9700. Thank you for the giveaway,

  43. Merry Christmas to all!!! I would be so surprised with a present like this.

  44. Would love to win one. The new Skype feature seems impressive.

  45. Hi,
    I’d be very happy to win this in Christmas…

    And I want to one!

  47. I want the copy of im+. Pickme to win this please

  48. I was really debating on coughing up the $30 for IM+ Talk and isn’t it ironic you guys are now doing a giveaway 😉 Coincidence…not exactly. Being that IM+ Talk just came out of “beta”, there has been many reviews about this app and truth is…I WANT IT!! What sweet X-Mas present this would be from BerryReview and Shape Services! Thank you and Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!!

  49. thanks best christmas present in years

  50. Merry Christmas Berryreview fam!

  51. Best 3rd party I’m app.
    I’d love to have a copy of it

  52. I would like to win a copy! Merry X’mas to everybody and thanks BR!

  53. Sign me up please. :)

  54. I’d like one! Merry Christmas! 😀

  55. Awesome, would love a copy

  56. VOIP. Nice! Would love to win this one!

  57. I’m in for this……..

  58. Fantastic app was part of beta tester and can’t wait to be a lucky winner this time. Thanks and merry christmas

  59. abso-frikkin-lutely. i’ll take it

  60. Call my mom from work for free???? Awesome!

  61. merry x’mas to everyone!
    I always want to have IM+ but it is quite expensive. It would be nice to get a free copy

  62. Merry Christmas, all!

  63. Here’s crossing my fingers for my copy of IM+ Talk!!!!!

  64. Would love to have this app for my torch!

  65. Awesome, would love a copy

  66. You know of all apps I’ve tried, I’ve never been able to use IM+. So hook me up so I can try it.

  67. Another great giveaway from BerryReview.

    Truly the holiday spirit of giving.

  68. I wish to win this giveaway! all IM’s in a single apps would be a marvelous apps….

  69. This is sure to be one hot app!

  70. Current Lite User. Would love to have the full version. Thanks.

  71. Merry Christmas all! Gimme gimme gimme :p

  72. Absolutely fab app can’t wait to be a lucky winner.
    Thanks and a very merry christmas

  73. Bring the love! 😀

  74. You guys and gals over here have been kick some serious butt for giveaways… excellent way to close just before xmas

    would love to win a copy of this sought after app and put it to some good use


  75. I want one licence please!

  76. Please give me this one.. I never get one with any of the giveaways…

  77. One feature that I already wait for a long time :)
    Love it if I could win one copy :)

  78. Great app

  79. Oh my, this is a wonderful app..

  80. I love this app !

  81. What do you have to say?

  82. Merry Christmas,
    I would like this app.

  83. may i ?

    i really need this app
    pick me up , please

  84. I want this app
    Happy holiday’s folks!

  85. Would love to have this on my storm 2!

  86. Awesome, I hope I win a copy!!

  87. I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

    And Merry Christmas Everyone… ^o^

  88. IM+ is a great application. I use it every day, installed in my Storm 2.
    Easy to use, informative, and push IM is no match for others.
    With IM+ Talk, Shape is doing even more than text. This will complete my already-best Shape applications, including Mobiscope and RDM+.

  89. Merry christmas 2 evry1.. Hope I win

  90. Yes please pick me!!!

  91. need one need one…

  92. Very cool..the generosity and spirit of giving on behalf of is superb. I am a newbie on this site, and have learned so much because of the many users generous giving spirit as well. I will win the Im + Talk if it is meant to be 😉 Thank you!
    Merry Christmas to all and blessings for the New Year!

  93. I want 1!!!!!!

  94. I have tried this app on my bold 9700 and it simply rocks!! too bad the trial ennded and i cant use it anymore!
    shapeservices are one of the leaders in bb apps!
    Would lov eto have a copy for my bold 9700!:)
    Thanks alot BR & SS!
    Merry Christmas to all

  95. IM+TALK!
    The best app i have ever tried!
    This will surely make my phone bill shrink!(:
    Would love to have 1 copy for my bb!(:

    tanks BerryReview

    Merry Christmas ppl xx

  96. Would love to have a copy of IM+TALK for my blackberry phone!
    Gluck to all and wish me luck 😀
    Thanks BR xXx

  97. Thats what im taking about!!
    finally a GOOD app for my bb!

    Hope to win one of the 10!

    thanks alot berry review and gluck all

  98. sign me up please!!!

  99. Im in!!!

  100. I use beejive but have been wanting to try IM+! hope I win!

  101. I would love to have a copy of this program so that I can use Skype on my BB to talk with my friends overseas.

  102. yes, cont another1… dunno what to say, another im+talk giveaway… skype should reallz reconcider their policy of making skype available to all platforms for free not just symbian applez and andro…+ actually even winmo has it for free…

  103. I would love this app!

  104. Please?!

  105. me gustaria esta app es muy buena gracias y felices fiestas para todos la peña de esta pagina super buena un saludo desde españa

  106. Presently using the free lite version and can’t live without this excellent product. Wish I could afford it

  107. for me and my berry :)

    Happy Christmas to all!

  108. Merry Christmas to all ..
    And I need this kind of apps to send the greetings to my old college friends overseas. And at work, some US companies have only Skype and not other IM.

  109. Finally a true VoIP app for BB. I use other Shape services apps so I know this one will work fine!

  110. Merry Xmas Luis Merlos and BerryReview !
    I love it, I need it, I want it – IM+Talk.

    Thank you !

  111. this gone connect me to 1000+ friends around the world.

  112. I’d love to win a copy. :)

  113. sound cool application..
    count me in,plz

  114. wow…this is great application..
    count me in
    thank you

  115. Wonderful app! Hope I win.

  116. Wow! everybody wants this app 😛
    i hope when we will see IM+ pro on app shop with 50%

  117. Wow! i’d love to win one copy of this :)

    Merry Xmas to everyone, specially BR Team which articles are always a good read.

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