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Is RIM Running a Dating Website? Maybe They Should…

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Reading through the reviews on App World recently you would think that RIM is running a dating site on the side. I remember back in the days of AOL it was popular to post your ASL (Age Sex & Location) on message boards to find friends. Over the years that has moved on to different platforms but it seems like RIM is getting in on the game. If you read through the reviews of free and even paid apps on App World you will run by tons of reviews like this one:

ASL review 

You would think this rating would be for a dating application right? Wrong. It is for Aces Traffic Pack. So far the worst offender I have found is the BlackBerry Messenger reviews. That at least makes sense since they are asking to be contacted over BBM but still kind of weird. The other thing I noted is that many of them are under 18 according to their “reviews.”

Maybe this means RIM has a burgeoning market they have yet to tap in BBM. They might have great success by throwing in a chatroulette style “find a friend” option to the app. Something tells me RIM’s “brilliant” legal team will find a reason to kill a promising feature but who knows. With all the advertising for BBM it might just happen. If RIM just looks at the reviews in App World they may realize they have a promising opportunity to cash in on.

OTHERWISE. Any developer willing to create a chatroulette style app for BlackBerry Messenger? You will probably do VERY well…

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  1. I see this all the time on my applications. If that is all that is posted, a lot of the time I just mark those reviews to be blocked…

  2. Here’s a website you can fancy, although looks like RIM was too slow to act first It’s still in an early stage based on its simple design. Looks a tad rubbish, but it is clear of its intentions.

  3. It’s a major annoyance having to page through just to find out real reviews of an app. I get a chuckle, though, your chance of finding a date on Blackberry App World is about the same as your chances of finding one at an Engineering School mixer. Unless you’re female.


    my pin is CC1234CC, ladys/gurlz only! bbm me!

    • LOL. Agreed. Some are funny and some are just plain weird with their very specific requests.

      It’s only a matter of time before national news programs have special investigative reports about underage sex rings or sex trafficking supported by BBM. RIM might want to think about hiring people to clean up their reviews before AppWorld becomes the next AOL chatroom.

  4. For some reason, the occurrence of those types of reviews skyrocketed once AppWorld came pre-installed on new devices… I just don’t understand it 😉

  5. It kinda sucks that RIM doesn’t police this better. They shouldn’t put the burden of cleaning up reviews solely on the app developers, though I would think the ones that really care about their app would go out of their way to clean up the reviews.

  6. yeah it kind of creeps me out, seeing these “reviews” for apps. need moderators for sure

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