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What the News Feeds App Needs!

Captura al 17-12-2010 17-24-11There is a good reason VIIGO was a successful application it had a ton of great features that I miss and since the release of the BB Torch and BB 6 I been left hunting an app that works as good a VIIGO did. So far there are a few contenders but none has all that I need.

I am not sure what exactly RIM is doing with the VIIGO team but my first thought was that RIM is going to take VIIGO and improve on the memory leaks, and slim it down a bit, but it doesn’t look like that was the case they started from scratch and released News Feeds. The name I don’t like it, they could have call it RSS News, RSS Reader, or kept the VIIGO name since the name was already there. What do you think it should be called or do you like the name News Feeds?

The application is still in the works but there are quite a few features that I really liked about VIIGO and would love to see on this application

  • Retrieve full articles without having to open the browser (XPRSS does this and so did VIIGO)
  • Email body of the article not just the title
  • when sending to twitter it does not copy the title
  • Import from Google reader
  • Send to 3rd party apps XPRSS does this
  • Customization of feeds (move up or down)
  • Ability to select multiple articles to delete or mark as read

There are quite a few other features that it lacks and will wait to see what they add in feature updates. My main point is that they should just look at VIIGO and all those cool features that made it popular and just add them to this application.

I really like the UI in the new app, and kudos to them for adding shortcuts.

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  1. News Feed, Social Feed… at least there’s some consistency with the naming (ok RSS Feed could have worked too). Perhaps, they’ll strip out the RSS component of Social Feeds.

    “My main point is that they should just look at VIIGO and all those cool features that made it popular and just add them to this application.”

    I believe this exactly why they started from scratch (and rightly so – it was bloated and a memory hog at the end).

    Whilst it is the 1st release of News Feeds I do hope that they gradually add some meaningful functionality; such as what you mentioned plus :
    * limit the number of articles to be pulled down
    * Rename rss feed

  2. I haven’t use any rss reader since I found out my BlackBerry browser can read the feeds I want to read. I just bookmark the ones I like & read full articles when I need to.

  3. The other thing that I think is VERY important (although this assumes the app will import from GoogleReader first) is syncing with GoogleReader…one of the main reasons I never got in to using Viigo was it didn’t sync with GReader so I could do a day’s worth of reading when I was out and about and then still have to sift through all of my feeds when I got to a PC = UBER ANNOYING

  4. Ps: I think there is a typo..

    “I am not sure what exactly RIM is doing with the VIIGO team but my first though was that”

    Should it be “…first thought was…”

  5. I was somewhat surprised that News Feeds doesn’t tie in to the Social Feeds or RSS Feeds. I like what you say the app needs and agree that they’re needed. Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll be added.

  6. In my point, Viigo is irreplaceable, that’s why I don’t install the OS 6.0.

  7. Useful information, I will try to make it. 😉 Thanks Luis.

  8. I definitely agree with numbers one, two, and the last suggestion. Having to open articles up in the browser is very inconvenient and annoying. Also, I liked being able to forward the body of the feed, not just a link. Hope RIM is listening.

  9. RIM has to wait for Google getting their APIs more stable.

    They’ve changed the authentication mechanism again. That’s not good 🙂

  10. I’m actually liking the direction they took Viigo, get rid of all the Project Tango bloat and take it back to it’s roots as the BEST RSS reader for BlackBerry hands down. Now, bring back offline caching of full articles, and give us Google Reader synching.

    Oh yeah…bring screen swiping back on touch screen devices. It’s unusable as is without that, I’ll KILL my thumbs having to use the popup menu ever time to change to another article.

  11. Google reader integration is the deal-breaker for me.

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