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Transpera Launches Mobile Video Advertising SDK for BlackBerry

Transpera blackberryTranspera let us know that they have launched a new mobile video advertising platform and SDK for the BlackBerry, iOS, and Android. At first I could not imagine how this could be a good thing for consumers but then I saw the demo video and it actually seems like a pretty streamlined experience. They are promising developers some pretty nice CPM’s so it may be that one video every hour is better than a persistent banner ad on the screen. Check out the demo of the platform on iOS below:

The main problem I see Transpera running into is that streaming video takes a bigger hit on your data plan and battery. Users on limited data plans would see their data buckets (150MB on Verizon and 200MB on AT&T) shrink at a much faster rate. That amount of data usage also takes a toll on battery life.

Some of the features of the Transpera platform seem to try to work around these limitation:

  • InstaPlay: Video ads download in the background, resulting in instant play back, eliminating any buffering, wait-times or stuttering.
  • IntelliCache: Transpera’s proprietary multi-level caching technology ensures that ads aren’t repeatedly downloaded over mobile networks.
  • Optimized Communication: Transpera’s proprietary communication client server protocol ensures mobile video ads are delivered intact regardless of network availability or reliability.
  • Seamless Transition: Consumers are seamlessly brought into and out of the video ad-experience, without taking away from an in-app experience
  • Creative Execution for Mobile: Transpera’s mobile video ad-units have mobile specific calls to action that leverage the unique attributes of a mobile device, including click to call, click to locate, survey capabilities, social media sharing options and more.

I will have to see how Transpara works on an actual device before I can pass judgment. For example, downloading video in the background on my Torch might slow the whole device down and cached videos replaying might get annoying. On the other hand the SDK is supposed to work on all devices with OS 5.0+. Transpera’s managed to get a good number of developers and publishers on board including AccuWeather, CBS, Slacker, Wattpad and myTown along with others. In other words we may be seeing video ads on our BlackBerrys sooner than you think.

Developers can read more about Transpera at or check out their developer portal at

So what do you think about mobile video ads on your BlackBerry?

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  1. Waste of battery life. But more free apps I suppose

  2. I would rather stay ad-free, but if it helps keep app prices low or free, then hopefully, Transpera’s platform will keep ads aggravation at a minimum. I know I change TV channels or radio stations if there are too many ads. Here’s hoping for a Transpera mute button to go with that commercial break.

  3. I can see the appeal for carriers, since this will drive more data consumption and thus drive people to ARPU data plans. But me, ‘m not interested and I suspect I would dump any app toot sweet that tried to play video ads to me.

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