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Giveaway: Viira GTD on the go! Win One of 10 Copies

131681Viira was updated a few weeks back to v2.2 with quite a few features. Viira is a GTD (Getting Things Done) application that helps those with a hectic schedule stay on top of their most important things that need to be done.

Some key features include:

  • SMS tasks: You can now organize your SMS messages, file them by project etc and then view the senders contact card and even reply – directly from Viira( )
  • Torch support: Owners of a Torch (or Storm) can easily navigate between Viira’s views using the touchscreen.
  • Enhanced UI: More intuitive, more stylish.
  • Address Book lookup: You can quickly pull the senders contact card from an email task or an SMS task, directly from Viira.
  • Faster startup: We dramatically increased Viira’s startup times, it is now available pretty much instantaneously after being started.

You can pick up this application for $29.99 (upgrade free to current owners)

Free 14 trial at this link

You can download Viira 2.2 from your desktop or point your BlackBerry’s browser to and download Viira 2.2 OTA.

Giveaway details: Leave us a comment and let us know what you would use this application for? Comments must be left before Monday December 20th.

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  1. Looks like an interesting way to manage various tasks. The sms tasks feature looks nice.

  2. It would be incredible if I won a copy of this. I’m in sales and on the road everyday. Some days I feel so disorganized. This application would definitely help keep me organized. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  3. I’m constantly going back and forth between tasks, emails, appointments. I need one place where I see and coordinate everything at a glance.

  4. I would use it to combat forgetfulness and procrastination. Keep track of class assignments, project, manuscript, and experiment due dates, exam schedules, fellowship reports, and errands. I’ve tried using BB MemoPad and Tasks, but I list everything and end up never going back to it because it gets too unorganized. I currently use fluorescent Post-It notes lol.

  5. what you would use this application for?
    I would use this application for smstask, projects, appointment… it looks easier use this

  6. I would use it to manage tasks, appointment, smstask..
    thank you

  7. I could definitely use this. I would use this to help me keep work and home priorities organized and manageable.

  8. I’m always trying to juggle several clients with various pre-sales and project management activities. This tool seems as if it would save me valuable time in consolidating my activities, tasks and notes to ensure that I am always on-top of the ball.

  9. I’m a GTD fan always looking for new tools. thx!

  10. Definitely would help getting biz errands accomplished. Be glad too take a copy 🙂

  11. I would use Viira to manage my hectic schedule and stay on top of the most important things that need to be done.

    The inclusion of SMS tasks is definitely welcome as here in Asia Pacific, SMS messaging has always stood alongside email as an important business communication tool. With Viira, I can file my SMS messages by project and reply to the sender without ever changing apps.

    Now that Viira is able to do an Address Book lookup directly from an email task or an SMS task, this saves me having to go back and forth between applications and I can focus on the content that needs to get out.

    Lesser time waiting means more time being productive, and with faster startup times Viira helps squeeze out that 25th hour for days when 24 just isn’t enough.

    Viira would be a welcome addition to my portfolio of frequently used apps. Thank you Berryreview!

  12. I would use this to organize my time so to keep my hyperactive girlfriend from killing me 🙂

  13. Well I am a project manager, getting things done right the 1st time is one of the things we try our best to do. This was really the reason I went BlackBerry when picking a smartphone. So, ANY help there is more than welcome.

  14. Looks like a great GTD app! I’m heading to college in about less than 2 months, I hope I win this so its easier for me to keep organised on due dates and schedules!

  15. This would be great to help me stay organized with work and home. I’m a geographic bachelor this year and scheduling can be quite demanding.

  16. Finally an app that might actually reorganize my life back!

  17. Great to have

  18. Hi there, I could use any help I could get. As a Provincial Constable I have a huge work load to juggle. It is everything from court to witnesses, to filing paper work on time and I am also a single father of two little girls. That means all the extra appointments, events, tea parties (JK), school outings etc. So if I could win this app, I would put it to good use.

  19. I usually use my laptop as organizer because bb apps is a bit not suited to my taste. But with this, it could be the otherway around.

  20. BlackBerry is the ideal platform for GTD. Surprisingly there are very few serious apps available for it. Viira just might be the ideal app!

  21. I’m student and I work for my fathers job when I’m off-university so it can help me to organize university and work things together.

  22. I’d use it 4 organize my life

  23. This looks like something I could really use as a High School Teacher, Mom, and Preacher’s wife! Please let me win so I can get my life more organized!!! 🙂

  24. Awesome!! 😀
    I’d Love a Free Copy.. 😀
    Thanks~ 😀

  25. Sounds great for my crazy job – anything to prevent forgeting things – it can be impossible to prioritize easily when things are hectic

  26. I would like to have a copy the app!

  27. Nice giveaway!

  28. I would put this to good use controlling my ADD so I could actually get some things done with work.

  29. I’m really a forgetful, with this application I hoped I would not forget my tasks anymore.

  30. As as sales professional I am always looking for a way to integrate all of my tasks into one device. I will use this app to help me be more efficient and productive with my work/personal life. The demands of life keeps getting more complicated and the stress of having to remember everything is almost beyond my abilities. An app such as VIIRA GTD will give me a leg up on the competition and in life.

  31. i hope… is very interesting app for business…it help me only day…:P

  32. I hope to win 1….

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