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RIM Q3 Results Beat the Street – “Will See More at CES”

RIM playbook 9800 I just had a chance to listen to the RIM’s earnings call and the results beat wall streets estimates along with Apple. Things are looking good for RIM with record BlackBerry shipments at 14.2 million which is 40% over the same quarter last year. The also increased revenue 40% over the same quarter last year to $5.5 billion. Sounds peachy right? From the numbers (PDF) they seem to be flowing in cash.

RIM also shared some interesting stats and facts during the call (listen to the recording). Here is what I caught:

  • The BlackBerry Style 9670 is now accounting for a third of BlackBerry sales at Sprint. No word on how it is doing compared to other Sprint phones.
  • RIM’s relationship with Verizon is still solid according to RIM with NEW products AND BlackBerry 6 coming to the Curve and Bold in early 2011. Shame we have to wait that long…
  • There are now over 16,000 apps in App World
  • The PlayBook is coming in the first quarter of next year but RIM is not including estimates for it in their current forecast. This may mean it will ship near or after the end of RIM’s fiscal quarter on February 26th
  • The BlackBerry Torch is now in 75 markets
  • The BlackBerry 6 platform may not be going away as fast as we thought. It will supposedly run on top of the QNX Platform but RIM is still coy on when…
  • RIM sticks it to the current “Tablet” saying that they have an edge on the iPad with a dual core processor and business friendly design
  • Supposedly some customers are delaying plans to roll out “Other tablets” to test out the PlayBook. Interest in the PlayBook is “overwhelming.”
  • Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis were both named co-chairmen of the board so they are now both co-CEO’s and co-Chairmen.

The last thing I caught was Jim Balsillie saying we will “see more (about QNX) at CES”. BerryReview will be covering CES live so I cannot wait to see what they have planned!

All in all I am pretty excited for RIM in this quarter. These next few months should have RIM making a huge turn around with the PlayBook and HOPEFULLY an announcement on what the next BlackBerry phones will be… I will report back if any of the analysts find something interesting in the announced financials.

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  1. I’m wondering what the “analysts” has to say now about RIM…. Because I remember to read a couple of days ago an editorial from a tech site where they predict (again) the death of BlackBerry… If this is like death looks it’s not that bad…

  2. Hre’s the new RIM (and others) Canadian paroyd song – “The Wireless Blues”

  3. Interesting that at 14.2 million devices in the quarter, fully a quarter (26%) of ALL BlackBerry users worldwide have bought a device in the last 3 months. Oh Engadget, are you reading that?

    That said, I kinda do agree with some of what the RIM bashers have been saying lately. I’ve got two BlackBerry on Verizon, and RIM offers no BlackBerry on any carrier right now (known or rumored) that I would pay my money to own. No, not a Torch or a Bold or a Style or a Curve or a Pearl or a Storm. Come on RIM, you are giving us long time BlackBerry users (I’ve been abusing since the 6xxx days) no really good reasons to upgrade (not a BlackBerry for sale today exceeds the cpu or screen resolution of my 2+ year old Storm the was conceived at LEAST 3 YEARS AGO) and you’re making it tough for us hold on to hope that you’re bringing any device to even come close to challenging the droids…

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