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BlackBerry Protect Launching VERY Soon?

BlackBerry Protect I have been hearing murmurs from a few contacts that RIM is planning on rolling out BlackBerry Protect very soon. BlackBerry Protect is an upcoming service/app from RIM that will backup your critical BlackBerry data along with helping you find and wipe lost or stolen phones. We now have more confirmation based on two new articles RIM published in the BlackBerry Connection Newsletter. When I read the first article titled: “New Advanced Features are Now Available for your BlackBerry Email” I thought it would be all about the new contacts and calendar sync in the BIS but at the bottom it clearly states:

If you misplace or lose your BlackBerry smartphone your carrier may be able to help by:

  • Backing up your smartphone’s data (including messages, contacts, appointments, tasks, memos, etc), just in case it is permanently lost
  • Activating a loud ringer on your BlackBerry smartphone so you can hear its location (did you check the couch?)
  • Locking your device so no one else can access your personal data
  • Displaying a customizable "lost and found" message on your smartphone screen with your contact information
  • Restoring your data, messages, contacts, and appointments on a new BlackBerry smartphone. (Note: you may also choose to use the new BlackBerry® Protect service yourself. Read our article in this issue.)

See that link at the end of the article? It heads to a second article that was not publicized in the email newsletter titled: “New BlackBerry Protect Finds a Lost BlackBerry Smartphone.” It has a link to download BlackBerry Protect that just redirect to the same page. It also has links to the user manual which are not yet live.

Something tells me that BlackBerry Protect’s launch is brewing and coming out soon… What do you think? Both of the articles assume that the service/app is already available.

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  1. Well it’s about darn time! I’ve been hearing about this app for months now, I was beginning to think it was vaporware!

    After all this hype, it had better work the way they’re describing.

    Still, I am looking forward to such an app, should it do what they say it will.

  2. Can’t come soon enough.

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