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RIM Approves Mass Email Spam App in App World… WTF?


Sometimes I really wonder what RIM’s crack squad of App World reviewers look for in an app before approving it. I know that RIM is trying to up their app numbers into the 100,000s but they have to have some standards right? This latest app that was approved in App World makes me wonder what exactly those standards are…

Here is the description of the $1.99 app Multi Mail by TodayPDA. Tell me if you would approve it:

Send multiple e-mails to the same receiver. Use it wisely!

  • Set the e-mail address to send to
  • Set subject
  • Set the text of the message
  • Send the message up to 10.000 times
  • Set a delay between the sending

WARNING: Sending a lot of emails to the same address may get you blocked or may get your e-mail address marked as a spamming address!

If the reviewers did not understand the complexities of such a app they could have just referred to the “keywords” provided in the description: “Multiple, send, flood, bom, bomb, sending, emails, mails, mail, email.” Maybe we need RIM to add a button in App World to flag an app as inappropriate… On the other hand I still want to meet the reviewer who let this one fly by.

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  1. LOL. Can’t we already do that with emails besides the delay feature? But why would I wanna send the same email 10,000 times HAHA. That’s awsome.

  2. LoL…….too funny

  3. I guess RIM has learned that to get to a sufficiently high number of apps in App World, you still have to allow the occasional fart app.

  4. I just really want to meet the guy who approved this. What exactly were they thinking?

  5. Probably the same twisted individual who looks forward to Viagara, $250 BlackBerry Playbook, etc. e-mails.

    This app is far more ridiculous/dangerous than a flashlight or fart app. This App World reviewer must have a buddy in the stupid-app industry.

    • “This app is far more ridiculous/dangerous than a flashlight or fart app.”

      It’s mind boggling RIM would let such an app through. Man, if an app like this were submitted to iTunes or probably even Marketplace the developer would get laughed at something fierce. Or if it DID somehow make it through, the “community” would tear Apple or Google to pieces and the PR would be so awful that it would be summarily pulled toot sweet. But on BlackBerry it just sails on in and is STILL available?

      Curious, it has ZERO reviews. Maybe BlackBerry users are not stupid enough to buy such garbage?

  6. GOT IT 🙂

  7. I am blown away that this app is still in App World…

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