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Dropbox for BlackBerry v1.0.37 Released With Bug Fixes

dropbox for BlackBerryDropbox is a popular file backup service which released a pretty solid BlackBerry client earlier this year. Horangi over @BBOS noticed that the Dropbox app has been updated to v1.0.37 with a whole slew of bugs fixed in this release. I am a SugarSync user myself but Dropbox does seem to have a better BlackBerry app. I just wish one of these apps would come up with a way to sync a specific folder with my BlackBerry. For example, I think it would be awesome to be able to sync certain pictures with my BlackBerry especially if they resized them to lower bandwidth usage.

Here are some of the bug fixes in Dropbox for BlackBerry v1.0.37:

  • saving non-ascii texts results in garbled text
  • handling of edge cases when running out of space on sd card and in device memory
  • open-edit-upload usecase wasn’t working for devices with encryption enabled
  • share link freezes for some users
  • open-edit-upload usecase fails for files with non-ascii filenames
  • “would you like to allow logging” dialog shouldn’t appear on first launch
  • on rotatable devices, in image gallery, the displayed/cached image is smaller than screen size (shouldn’t happen)
  • app should ask for permissions in advance on first launch
  • app should support multiple third-party app associations for a given file type (e.g multiple pdf viewers)
  • music/video stops when screen fades out
  • user gets a “not enough room to write file” message when trying to open a file that’s already open in docs2go

If you already subscribe to Dropbox you can pick up the updated client at this link from your BlackBerry. Otherwise you can sign up for a free 2GB account at with upgrades available starting at $9.99/month.

Thanks Adrian for the tip!

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  1. I cannot get it to open on my 9780. Installs fine. I also had this same prob with prior vers on my 9700. The Error message I get is: Error starting dropbox: Error loading module ‘dropbox’ VerifyError.

    Tried everything thing – countless del/batt pull, renistall. Nothing seems to work. 🙁

  2. I’m starting to get this error more and more when I install new apps or upgrade existing apps to a newer version. No pattern to it though … sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. I wish there were a fix. There are a couple of threads on Crackberry about it too.

  3. Warning to BES users before upgrading: This release added the requirement that Security Timer Reset permission be allowed!

    I am prompted to change permissions EACH AND EVERY TIME that I launch the app — unfortunately, I cannot allow that particular permission since it is prohibited by BES policy (this is an extremely common BES restriction!).

  4. Ok, I was able to get it working on my 8900 but not my 9780 – I think my issue is with my leak OS.


    • What did you do to get it working on your 8900 … downgrade the OS?

      • No, it was a fresh install on my 8900. I was using the 9780 but it dropped from my sister yesterday, so I have to get it replace. I was going to downgrade the OS on it to see if that would fix the prob. But I didnt get the chance. I guess when I get the new 9780 it will have a lower OS ver. I will try again then.

        • I wound up throwing in the towel and upgrading the OS on my 9700 to the latest ( …I had 5.0.714 before). The wipe took care of the problem, for good I hope.

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